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Ethics Violations

Ethics Violations

The topseos EthicsViolations service allows for customers to search our database for entities that, in our opinion, have been identified as unethical and potentially dangerous to work with.

The EthicsViolations service is provided to hold internet marketing agencies or internet marketing software developers accountable for their business decisions that could potentially cause harm to potential or current customers of the internet marketing industry as well as other internet marketing service providers. Through our code of ethics, we list companies and individuals who are egregious offenders of the code in order to warn potential customers of the risk associated in doing business with the provider.

Companies listed in our EthicsViolations violation database are egregious offenders with a pattern of behavior that violates our code of ethics. Those with a violation level of 5 have expressed no interest in making an effort to change their behaviors in order to meet the code of ethics or simply have not warranted enough of an action to have their status as a violator removed. Companies with a lower level have been identified to have breached our code of ethics on a continual basis and may or may not be attempting to change their behaviors to follow the code of ethics. Ultimately, listings in our EthicsViolations service are our opinions and are based on our research, findings, and reports given to us anonymously or through third parties. While we a company or individual do not have to violate all of the codes to be listed, we certainly take great pains in verifying the authenticity of complaints before identifying entity as a violator.

Customers of internet marketing services should use caution when dealing with companies listed in our EthicsViolations service. Each company or individual listed has exhibited a pattern of behaviors that breach the code of ethics which was founded on providing accurate information to customers and treating both customers and competition fairly. It's up to the customer, partner, or any entity to decide whether or not to do business with a listed company, our service identifies those that may or may not be trustworthy in practice. We certainly would not want to be associated with those that are listed as violators on our list.

For removal from the EthicsViolations, companies or individuals may fill out our removal request form to begin a conversation with topseos on improvements made to rectify any behavior that may have breached the code of ethics created by topseos. A request for removal does not guarantee removal from the service as time is spent to ensure that the company is following the code of ethics and has also rectified the behavior that got them listed originally. A request for removal does not guarantee a response from us either.

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Ethics Violations

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