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Evaluation Criteria

Evaluation Criteria for Affiliate Networks, the independent authority on the search marketing industry, evaluates and ranks the best affiliate networks providing access to a variety of affiliate product and service providers and publishers. We evaluate affiliate networks through our rigorous evaluation process to identify the companies that provide an efficient service.

topseos identifies companies as the best based on five key areas: Size of Network, Diversity of Network, Publisher Quality, Advertiser Quality, and Ease of Use.

Size of Network is an evaluation of the number of advertiers and publishers available in the network overall with a focus on both aspects. Does the network contain a large number of advertisers and a small number of publishers or vice versa? Is there a good natural balance?

Diversity of Network examines the overall diversity of industries examined through both advertisers and publishers. How many industries are accounted for in the network? Which industries dominate and by what ratio to the other industries? How balanced is representation?

Publisher Quality dives into the benefit to publishers to join the affiliate network. Are publishers able to obtain great value from the advertisers they include through their publication? What percentage of sales do they receive generally from the advertisers?

Advertiser Quality looks into the benefit to advertisers to join the affiliate network. Do advertisers have a nice range of publishers to select from and to connect with? How many sales are the advertisers able to close through their affiliate network?

Ease of Use is an evaluation of the control panel for both advertisers and publishers, the overall layout of controls, and the simplicity of design to control campaigns, make changes, update information, and receive reports on their campaigns.

Selecting the right affiliate network for your company can become a daunting task. At topseos, since 2002, we have developed a list of the top affiliate networks to help you find the best fit for your needs. To view the latest rankings visit:


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