Benefits of Outsourcing vs In-House Marketing

The online marketing industry is one of the fastest growing industries in an online ecosystem driven by new technologies, changing strategies, and a constantly evolving search climate.

All things taken into consideration, the online marketing industry we have now is very different from the industry that was in front of us just a year ago. As major search engines make changes to the way they index websites, online marketing companies find new ways to increase relevance to key terms, and new offerings in the marketplace fuel a wide array of needs and expectations, it has become increasingly difficult to remain on top of the newest developments.

For many businesses primarily dealing with an online audience the cost associated with attempting to build an in-house marketing team can be overwhelming. There are a large number of marketing opportunities online, each requiring in-depth knowledge of not only what needs to be done, but also covering how it needs to be approached. For many businesses the better route to take is the outsource approach.

Time and Knowledge

One of the largest barriers to entry in online marketing is the time investment. There are a large number of marketing and advertising opportunities being offered allowing businesses to reach their core audience in more than one market. Building an in-house marketing team can often require dedicated individuals to focus on search marketing, paid advertising, social media, link building initiatives, affiliate marketing, email marketing, among other activities. Creating a comprehensive approach to online marketing requires someone that understands not only how it works, but the purpose as well.

For instance, a search engine optimization professional will both understand how to increase the relevance of a web page to a specific search term in the major search engines and the type of audience which will be acquired as a result of achieving a top search engine ranking position. SEO professionals continue to research their industry in order to remain on the cutting edge of new strategies, factors which search engines take into consideration when determining relevance, and how different marketing activities affect SEO.

There is a significant time investment when building a team to ensuring that your team not only understands online marketing individually, but understands each others roles to build a comprehensive internet marketing strategy.

Experience and Diversity

One of the largest benefits of hiring an online marketing agency lies in the amount of experience the agency has compared to hiring even a team of individuals to handle in-house marketing initiatives. An online marketing agency has often worked with a wide variety of clients in a number of different industries, giving them ample insight into how different marketing endeavors impact businesses of different shapes and sizes.

Online marketing companies are often comprised of a diverse set of professionals with differing talents and experience levels allowing for campaigns to take advantage of different thought processes during both planning and execution. When compared to working with a newer team of professionals or a smaller team overall, there can be problems in not having a different perspective when approaching new problems.


Through our research we have found experienced and diverse teams to also work more efficiently due to their wide range of talents. Businesses which look to build an in-house team for marketing endeavors are often met with the outrageously high costs of software and tools within the industry. Online marketing agencies are often more efficient due to their use of tools which specialize in a specific task or a subset of tasks. The professionals which assist an agency compared to an in-house team is more likely to have experience with different tools and resources.

It is important for professionals to leverage tools and software in order to make it easier to create campaigns, organize information, and implement new solutions. Online marketing software comes in a variety of forms and options allowing for different levels of automation and tracking. At the end of the day, online marketing companies will have access to more tools and software due to their continued use of the solutions and will have more experience in working with various forms of automation to make more efficient online marketing campaigns. Everywhere!

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