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Apr 18, 2012 4th Annual Mobile VAS Summit 2012 United States
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Apr 18, 2012



Apr 18, 2012


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MVAS - The second revolution through the mobile - It’s a mobile phone boom in India. India is the second largest mobile handset market in the world after China. The total number of mobile subscribers has hit a high of 771.18 million in India and reaching it to 1000 million by the year 2014. At a steady pace the VAS market is growing & it still has potential to reach & touch new heights. According to a research, the mobile handset market’s revenue is expected to rise from Rs 25,591 crore (Rs 255.91 billion) in 2010 to Rs 35,005 crore (Rs 350.05 billion) in 2016. The VAS market in India, estimated Rs. 11,700 crore, is poised to reach Rs. 48,000 crore by 2013 (while some industry forecasts also peg the figure at Rs. 192,000 crore by 2015).  With India emerging as one of the largest players in the telecom space, there appears to be excellent growth potential for Mobile related Value-added Services.

India’s GSM operators added 7.12 million new subscribers in the month of October 2011, an increase of 1.15% from the previous month, bringing the country’s GSM subscriber base to 625.41 million. Total wireless subscriber base in the country was 865.7 million in August and it went up to 873.6 million at the end of September 2011. The size of the regional VAS market, currently at Rs. 850 crore, is expected to double in two years

The era of VAS being limited to voicemail and SMS is over. We are now entering the age of VAS 2.0 which is data driven and data intensive. Maps, desktop class web browsing, social networking, multimedia sharing, and location-aware services are fast becoming the norm. The entire ecosystem constituting VAS is about devices and connectivity. The devices with more storage capabilities and faster networks will lead to the uptake of VAS. The market will be driven by data revenue services - content and applications.

With the launch of 3G in the Indian market, a variety of data services, mobile internet, and location-based services, m-commerce, app stores, and applications are expected to increase the end-user experience, and created a revenue of 13,026 crore by the end of the year 2011. The increased bandwidth made available by the imminent 3G networks, would allow operators to introduce richer content applications that could create greater stickiness and re-use amongst both retail and enterprise customers.

Service Providers are not only being asked to deliver greater bandwidth to mobile devices, but their customers are also looking for more innovative services, including video, voice, location services, and commerce transactions. By making these value-added services available, service providers gain the opportunity to create additional revenue streams while at the same time making their customers happy, leading to better customer retention.

The focus of operators is to provide mobile VAS services in the areas of banking (for better banking facilities, penetration), healthcare (for better infrastructure in rural areas), and education (for better access to knowledge). It is estimated that over 200 million people will require access to medicare, credit, and education facilities in the next five years. The growth will be driven by increased operator focus on VAS due to continuous fall in voice tariffs, increased penetration of feature rich handsets, availability of vernacular content and increased user adoption of VAS applications. Online insurance, online shopping, banking, payments, online tickets, online business models and many other forms of virtual transactions are trending in India. A report from the Internet and Mobile Association of India pegged a growth of 47%, bringing the total value of e-commerce in India to an estimated Rs. 47,000 crore in 2011. M-Commerce requires high involvement from users as well as the providers. It tops the VAS hierarchy in terms of complexity and involvement of a mobile user.

A high level meeting like 4th Annual Mobile VAS Summit 2012 will be very influential in building new benchmarks in the VAS technology. The seminar will help in strategizing a strong vision for MVAS landscape in India as it is an ideal stage between the key influencers and decision makers under one crown. This event will develop innovative marketing tools for boosting the penetration of VAS implementation of 3G in India. The legendary industry professionals from across the world would share their knowledge. Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to experience new revenue generating strategies and learn innovative business models. The conference will create Asia's best Mobile VAS summit in India. We are sure that 4th Annual Mobile VAS Summit 2012 will bring thought leaders on one platform and spread the message.

It is with great pleasure that we invite you all to the “4th Annual mobile VAS summit -2012” and wish you all the very best.

Key Themes:

•    What is the future for the Mobile VAS industry: a vision for 2015 - How to boost the market and increase the ARPU
•    Why is the VAS share so low in India? And, why is the VAS industry not succeeding despite the 3G rollout?
•    Examining the worldwide trends in MVAS and the implications, lessons to be learned for India.
•    Focusing on the future-looking regulatory framework for provisioning of MVAS.
•    How should one structure the partnership/alliance towards market differentiation against competitors? And other burning questions
•    Identifying the major user experience to enjoy the favourite services provided by the content providers & the operators.
•    Successful Innovative Strategies for Keeping Subscribers Constantly Engaged in MVAS - Identifying the major Core VAS Business Enablers
•    How to Engage the new age users through MVAS and social media - Ways to reduce the establishment cost for VAS players
•    MobilisingeCommerce - Tips and Challenges
•    What are the strategies to increase availability of higher speed data-centric mobile networks
•    How has the rapid growth of the mobile application impacted the mobile operator and how to overcome and stay competitive to subscribers?
•    What applications can the operator provide to ensure optimal integration with the app developer? What do app developers want and expect when partnering with an operator?
•    To what extent can and should operators assist with funding and resource for application development for their customers?
•    What are the untapped sources for mobile content and entertainment in India - Successful innovative strategies for future of Mobile TV, Internet, Apps, mobile games, location tracking, mobile banking, mobile advertising and their content security related issues - Where Are The Revenue Opportunities
•    Identifying the major expectations of handset manufacturers for introducing the innovative MVAS to the industry.   
•    Maximizing revenue of your location based services through intelligent segmentation methodologies
•    How MVAS has been used as a tool for improving customer and the brand loyalty.
•    Be part of a major networking opportunity

Key Speakers:

•    LV Sastry, National Head & Senior Vice President - Enterprise & SMB - Voice & Data Services, Aircel
•    RangarajanKalyanasundaram, Director - Marketing, Du (U.A.E)
•    Manish  Singhal, Head - Usage Development & Retention - DigitalTV, Airtel
•    A.K.Bha
rgava, Executive Director, Wireless Services, MTNL
•    Rajesh Ballal, Regulatory Head (South Asia), Orange
•    Vipin Kumar, Sr. Deputy Director General, Department of Telecommunications (DOT)
•    AkhilMinocha, Head - VAS & New Product Development, Videocon
•    Satyen N Gupta, Chief Regulatory Advisor, BT
•    Deepak Halan, Group Business Director, IMRB international
•    AnurajGambhir, Strategic Advisor and Innovation Evangelist, Steadworks (Former Head – Multimedia Strategy & Innovation, Ericsson)

Who Should Attend:

•    CEOs, CIOs, CTOs
•    Head of Content
•    VP/Head of Business Development
•    Director of Technology
•    Head of Project Management
•    Business Strategy Director
•    Head of Network Strategy
•    VP/Head of Product/Application Development
•    VP of Sales & Marketing
•    Head of Research & Development
•    VP/Head of Portal Strategy
•    User Interface Development
•    VP Application Development

Target - Audience - Industry:

•    Telecom Service Providers
•    Cellular Service Providers - GSM & CDMA
•    VAS Technology & Platform Companies
•    Content Aggregators
•    Content Owners
•    Next Generation Mobile Content Solution Providers
•    Telecom Associations & Regulators
•    Handset Manufacturers - GSM & CDMA
•    Portal Providers
•    VAS Consulting and Research Organisations
•    Venture Capitalists
•    Multimedia Service Providers
•    Software Developers
•    System Integrators
•    Security Providers
•    Entertainment & Electronic Media
•    Mobile Internet Applications & Solution Developers
•    Smart Card Manufacturers
•    DoT, DIT, Ministries & Regulatory
•    Service Organisations

Why Should You Attend:
4th Annual Mobile VAS Summit 2012 - “Profiting in mobile VAS through ground-breaking strategies, compelling content and innovative business models” Get more from the event, with a broader scope bringing the whole communications value chain to gether. Enjoy and make the best out of our dedicated networking drinks time, meet the leading international vendors showcasing the technology of tomorrow in the co-located exhibition. Expand your knowledge of the latest business models and technologies in the high-level conference. Everywhere!

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