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Jun 06, 2009 Advanced Data Analysis, Business Analytics and Intelligence United States
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Jun 06, 2009



Jun 07, 2009


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Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad is happy to announce an international conference dedicated to advanced data analysis, business analytics and business intelligence. The objectives of the conference are to facilitate sharing of:
# research based knowledge related to advanced data analysis, business analytics and business intelligence among academicians and practitioners
# case studies and novel business applications of tools and techniques of advanced data analysis, business analytics and business intelligence among academicians and practitioners

Papers are invited from academicians and practitioners on any topic mentioned in the list of conference topics and related areas. Applications, case studies, review and discussion papers on these topics and related areas are also welcome.

Conference Topics:
Papers should broadly address one of the conference topics listed below or a related area. Academicians and practitioners are encouraged to contribute new ideas, concepts, applications and case studies for discussion in the conference.

Theory and Methods:

* Exploratory Data Analysis
* Classification
* Operations Research
* Cluster Analysis
* Regression Modeling
* Probability and Stochastic Processes
* Data Visualization
* Pattern Recognition
* Time Series Analysis
* Machine Learning
* Forecasting
* Bayesian Methods
* Computational Intelligence
* Panel Data
* Multivariate Analysis

Application Fields:

* Marketing Models
* Internet Modeling and Web Analytics
* Statistics in Finance
* Marketing Research
* Text Mining
* Insurance Models
* Advertising andMedia
* Revenue Management
* Investment and Portfolio Models
* Data Analysis in Retailing
* Bioinformatics
* Data Analysis in Banking and Financial Services
* Health Sciences
* Risk Analytics
* Pricing Analytics
* Industrial Applications
* Supply Chain Management
* Quality Management Everywhere!

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