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Dec 16, 2014 Creating a Successful Email Welcome Series: You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression United States
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Dec 16, 2014



Dec 16, 2014


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Whether you are marketing in a B2B or B2C environment, if you do not have a well-constructed welcome program, you are missing one of your best opportunities to create long-term engagement with your subscribers. A welcome program sets the tone for all future email (and possibly SMS and social media) communication with your new subscriber. You cannot afford to be MIA. This live webinar will help marketers understand the benefits, both to the marketer and to the subscriber, of a good welcome program. More importantly, we will demonstrate what is a good welcome program by showcasing do's and don'ts and teach marketers how to structure a welcome series that builds trust, engagement and ultimately success.

Benefits for You
- Find out what makes a successful email welcome series
- Learn how to engage your new subscribers
- Understand the benefits of a well-constructed welcome program
- Hear do's and don'ts that will build subscriber trust
- Discover how to create a welcome series or learn what yours is missing!

    Overview of Email as a Relationship Building Medium
    Goals of a Properly Structured Welcome Series
•    Reward Subscriber for Desired Behavior
•    Provide the Opportunity to Communicate About Expectations
•    Promote Subscriber Engagement: A Longer, Deeper Relationship
    Benefits to Your Organization
•    Opportunity to Restate Your Email Program's Value Proposition
•    Opportunity to Reinforce Your Brand Identity
•    Opportunity to Gather Additional Subscriber Data
    Benefits to Your Subscriber
•    Increased Trust in Your Organization
•    Delivery of Any Incentives Promised
•    Education About the Organization and Its Products/Programs
    Best Practices
•    Cadence and Tone
•    Design Samples
o    Reward; Setting Expectations; Gathering Additional Data
    Worst Practices
•    Don't Do This – Really
    Advanced Concepts
•    Automation
•    Email Validation
•    Social Integration Everywhere!

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