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May 01, 2014 How to Craft an Outstanding Follow-up Email to Win Sales United States
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May 01, 2014



May 01, 2014


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Email has become an increasingly important marketing tool in the sales process. Whether it's used as a follow up method of communication after a tradeshow, webinar, download, face-to-face meeting, or lead generation event, email can be a powerful device that can help move the prospect through the sales funnel. Join this live webinar and learn specific tips and tricks on how you can craft emails that can help you to achieve your communications objectives - whether it's to continue nurturing the relationship, stimulate additional product interest, or ultimately close the sale.

The From Line: Why Names Matter
Subject Lines: The Long and Short of It
The Introduction: It's Not About You
Key Words That Can Trigger Action
HTML or Text: Pros and Cons
Why Length Matters
Recipient Behavior: Preview Screens, Blocked Images and More Everywhere!

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