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Mar 07, 2009 Information Technology & Competitive Dynamics United States
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Mar 07, 2009



Mar 08, 2009


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Businesses now operate in a rapidly evolving market and have become increasingly dependent on Business Information Technology to support them. In order to be effective, organizations have realized the importance of developing an IT strategy that fully supports the business strategy. Industry and Commerce have increased the use of modern technology, including telecommunications and computing. The demand for adaptable problem solvers with knowledge both of organizations and of information technology has grown. Business information technologists are those hybrid managers who can combine their understanding of the business function with knowledge of the concepts and techniques associated with applications of Information Technology (IT). If IT is to deliver business value, IT should be measured in core business terms---for example, customer satisfaction, revenue growth, and profitability. At a time when some corporations are reducing IT spending and once again looking at IT as a cost center, Institute of Management Education thought to bring together practitioners and thought leaders from industry, academia and Government for sharing and exchange of experiences, ideas and learning in the form of a National Conference on Information Technology and Competitive Dynamics (ITCDC�08), Which provided a good platform for all the stake holders. The overwhelming response has encouraged us to take up the mission forward and decided to organize Second Conference on ITCDC�09.

ITCDC�09 aims to discuss the role and importance of Managing Information Technology for Business Value. The prime objective would be to review the success of Information Technology and would focus on the applications and practices being followed in business. It also aims to highlight the business dynamics especially in the today�s scenario. Thus the conference would cover the diverse functional areas of business viz. Information System, Strategy, Marketing, Human Resources, Operations, Banking & Finance, Legal issues etc.

Theme Topics suggested but not restricted to the following:

� Applications of Information Technology in Business
� Information Systems & IS Strategy
� E-Commerce and Supply Chain Management
� Information Quality
� Information Security
� Data Warehousing and Mining
� Enterprise level IT Solutions
� Knowledge Management
� Information Integrity
� Information Infrastructure
� Legal Issues and Cyber Laws
� IT in Banking & Insurance
� Software Engineering

� Global competition & competitiveness of corporate
� New Architecture of Competitive Dynamics under Globalization
� The Dynamics of firms and state in the New Economy
� Regulation, De-Regulation and Re-Regulation
� WTO and Global Trade issues
� Corporate alliances mergers and acquisition
� Corporate responsibility and Global Impact
� Market efficiency and volatility in Indian Financial System
� Dynamics of International Trade
� Sourcing Branding and Marketing � Opportunities and Challenges
� Transformation of Emerging Markets

� Corporate survival strategies
� Skill Development and Job Training
� Innovation in Business
� Strategic Information Systems
� Business Process Re-engineering
� Total Quality Management � Sustainable Competitive Advantage
� Global Strategy for Leadership
� Cost Control and Enhancing Competitiveness
� People Management for Managing Global Change
� Mapping Competitive Position
� Indian Industry � A road map to meet Emerging challenges


Submission of Abstract February 07,2009
Acceptance notification February 09, 2009
Final Copy of Full Paper February 19, 2009
Acceptance Notification February 20, 2009
Registration Deadline February 25, 2009 Everywhere!

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