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Nov 24, 2014 Jon Cooper Training Creative Link Building and Content Marketing, How They Work Together? London, London
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Nov 24, 2014



Nov 24, 2014


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Who is Jon Cooper?

•    Jon Cooper is a Link Builder and the author of the Point Blank SEO blog: one of the most popular blogs about link-building;
•    He has helped his clients create long-term strategies of their online presence, but he has also managed his clients’ websites on his own;
•    Jon is a lecturer for a lot of the top-tier industry conferences such as SMX Sydney or State of Search in Dallas;
•    He is also the co-author of Ultimate Guide to Link Building.

Why choose Jon Cooper and his training?

•    Jon will be passing on his knowledge about Link Building for nearly 8 hours;
•    This knowledge has already impressed some of the brightest minds in SEO in the world;
•    The new seminar focuses entirely on one crucial process of website positioning… Building links to websites;
•    This 100% practical knowledge will be ready for application immediately after the training is finished;
•    We will give you ready URL addresses, case studies and we will show you the step-by-step process of getting fresh links in an intelligent way that’s difficult to copy for your competition.

Why attend the seminar?

•    You will gain practical knowledge about the modern methods of link building based on content and creative linking methods
•    You will build links that are safe from filters and Google penalties
•    You will build links from websites of a high authority and a visibly positive impact on your website’s position
•    This training will change the way you think about Link Building!
•    The seminar will let you overtake your competition – your competition couldn’t even dream of obtaining links in this manner!
•    Do you run an online store? During his seminar, Jon will dedicate an entire segment to the topic of Link Building for commerce websites and eCommerce - the most difficult Link Building process

Where and when?

Localization: London, MSE Meeting Rooms
Date: November 24
Additional benefits: Training certificate
Register: Everywhere!

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