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May 14, 2012 The Customer Compass � Consumer Intelligence Analytics and Insights - Sydney New South Wales, Australia
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May 14, 2012



May 15, 2012


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Customer Compass will direct you to go beyond the limitation of traditional market research to discover the new science of converging customer analytics and insights to bridge the critical gap between what customers say they want and whey really want.
Through this event, you will hear from award winning organisations and other industry leaders in sharing their valuable experience through practical case studies, interactive panel discussion and in-depth mini-workshops. Delegates will assess how to leverage analytics to deliver customer intelligence, utilise customer insights to optimise channels, discover real insights that trigger buying behaviour and interpret insights into actionable strategies that maximise your marketing ROI.

Key topics
• Using analytics to interpret insights accurately and turning them into actionable strategies
• Leveraging consumer insights to identify and prioritise key touchpoints for improvements
• Addressing the gap between what customer say they want and what they will really buy
• Being a ‘intuitive’ organisation – successfully predicting what customers want before they even know they want it
• Aligning customer strategy with your business strategy that leads to maximum marketing ROI

Key features
• Moving from the retrospective traditional research results to more predictive insights
• Leveraging analytics to address the gap between what customers say they want and what they will really buy
• Gaining an unfair advantage by using analytics for competitive intelligence
• Validating social media and mobile data to capture insights from VOC
• Building a powerful online community to tap into consumer buying behaviour
• Unlocking the hidden truths of innovation to be an ‘intuitive’ organisation
• Segmenting your customer base to identify and prioritise your ideal customer
• Revaluating your insight generation processes to deliver the highest business impact
• Maximising marketing ROI by interpreting insights into actionable strategies
• Creating and embedding an agile culture to manage continually  changing buying behaviour

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