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Jul 31, 2014 Privacy DOES Matter: The Latest Online United States
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Jul 31, 2014



Aug 31, 2014


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(June 11 – August 31)

Privacy DOES Matter: The Latest Online

Show Recap

The Social Network Show welcomes back Sandy Garossino to the June 10, 2014 episode.

Sandy Garossino, Founder of Red Hood Project and a former Crown Prosecutor in the Vancouver area discusses the latest on the public rebellion against the loss of privacy online. This is a very interesting discussion of some new Apps being developed and the public’s reaction to them. Hear Sandy talk about the bills being introduced into Congress in the U.S.; about Facebook’s new privacy settings and the new App that they want to introduce onto your smart phone; about the reaction of the public to the new App by Facebook; about the new ruling in Europe that allows people to have objectionable links removed from the internet; and hear about how people do not want to give up their right to privacy.

Sandy Garossino is working on the front lines in order to help improve child safety for social networkers.  Sandy brings a unique perspective to the fight for child safety as she understands the issues from the perspective of a lawyer who prosecuted crimes against children.  Sandy started the Red Hood Project with partner Raffi Cavoukian after she and Raffi became aware of the Amanda Todd tragedy.  Red Hood Project is also the source of a letter written to Cheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook, which implored her to make changes to Facebook policy regarding cybercrimes. Sandy is a business owner, active community advocate and former Crown prosecutor in the Metro Vancouver area. She is a regular panelist on the Bill Good Show, contributes to the Vancouver Observer and blogs for Huffington Post BC.

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