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May 7, 2014 Proven YouTube Marketing Strategies Online,
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May 7, 2014



May 7, 2014


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, Online,

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YouTube® has changed dramatically since 2005, and the rules of video marketing are now radically different too. In this radically different world, what are proven YouTube® marketing strategies? In this live webinar we will discuss current best practices in YouTube® marketing such as channel optimization, tips for producing videos worth watching, how to encourage social sharing and interaction, and more.

5 Reasons to Attend

– Discover how to identify who watches videos and which types of categories they watch
– Learn when you should consider utilizing YouTube® advertising
– Understand why so few videos go viral
– Uncover how YouTube® and video marketing work
– Discover the different alternatives to YouTube®

    Optimizing Video Worth Discovering
•    Metadata
•    Thumbnail Optimization
•    Annotations
•    Channel Optimization
•    Maintaining the Channel Feed
•    Reaching All Audiences
    Producing Video Worth Watching
•    Captivate Your Audience
•    Calls-to-Action
•    Regular Schedule
•    Playlists
•    Tent-Pole Programming
•    Channel Experience
    Creating Video Worth Sharing
•    Build Your Community
•    Cross-Promotion and Collaboration
•    Social Media
•    Blog Outreach
•    Youtube® Analytics
•    Resources

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