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September 18, 2014 Qualifying Leads Using Website Visitor Tracking Methods Online,
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September 18, 2014



September 18, 2014


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, Online,

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With website visitor tracking you will be able to prioritize the hottest leads and you will learn valuable information about your customers.

Understanding your website visitors is absolutely critical to improving conversion optimization and delivering better leads to your Sales Team. Whether your visitors are coming from search engines, ads, email campaigns or directly to your website, there is a lot of information you can safely use to understand who they are and their interests. When you understand this information, you can create better content and take the guesswork out of your digital marketing. This live webinar will highlight the leading techniques to understanding your visitors through their behavior so you can drive quality sales leads and improve your business growth rates.

    Defining a Lead vs. a Conversion
•    Solving the Sales vs. Marketing Dilemma
•    What Is a Web Conversion?
•    Leads Have Defined Value
•    Parameters for an Mql
    Engagement and Interest
•    Knowing Your Visitors Needs
•    Measuring Visitors Engagement
•    Deciphering Interest From Visits
    Identifying Unknown Web Visitors
•    Geography
•    Originating Business
•    Tactics for Getting Information
    Scoring Conversions to Get a Lead
•    Scoring Your Conversions
•    Positive Scoring
•    Negative Scoring
    Winning Digital Lead Generation
•    Adaptive Web Design Methodology
•    Removing the Guesswork Through Analytics

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