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Jun 10, 2014 Search Marketing Day Warsaw, Warsaw
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Jun 10, 2014



Jun 11, 2014


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SMD is the largest SEO, PPC & Content Marketing Conference in Poland.
It includes Conference, Fairs & Workshops.
It's a great opportunity to meet well known speakers
and enjoy international atmosphere.

The conference will be held at Mutikino, Golden Terreces. Join us to hear amazing sessions, meet our Speakers and share your knowledge with others. Check our agenda and enjoy the atmosphere.

10 June 2014


Conference opening

Content Marketing

Russell Smith Connecting stories and personalising news
Connected stories is our Linked data strategy enabling all the BBC’s content to be joined up and presented dynamically using tags. The innovative thing is we are using story tags eg “Korea ferry sinking” and not just topics This enables personalized news and lots of interesting functions We are also going fully responsive and launching a new news app this year so all interesting stuff.

Matthew Capala How to build your credibility on the Internet through native content and social connections
Are you capturing the vast opportunities that social media platforms have to offer? It's not that social media is not working for you or your business, it's the other way around. You haven't made social networks work for you. Old social media tactics are rendered obsolete. You can no longer outsource tweeting. Your content needs to be native, authentic, and human. Both users and algorithms will smell a phony. In this session you will learn how to tell a captivating story, pick the right social channels to spread it, write magnetic headlines, and built tribes of collaborators around your brand.

Gianluca Fiorelli Inbound Marketing: misunderstandings, facts and strategy
Inbound Marketing: not just an SEO thing. Inbound Marketing is the new Orange, and more and more we see SEO pratictioner changing their title to Inbound Marketers. But is Inbound Marketing the New SEO? The answer is: "NO!". Inbound Marketing is a strategic way of thinking Marketing for the web, and it commands and coordinates different Internet Marketing disciplines for a common goal: success. In the presentation I will debunk some of the most common myths and misunderstandings regarding Inbound Marketing, and present the stratetic vision of Inbound translated into an actionable guideline.


Danny Ashton Learn How to Produce Persona Success Content
In this presentation Danny Ashton will share the secrets to how his two year od creative agency has been able to build a system that succesfully produces and promotes over 40 infographics and interactive infographics per month. NeoMam’s content regularly gets featured in top tier web properties. This presentation will be a disstillation of the most important learnings from producing and promoting just under 1000 pieces of content for clients since 2012.

Maciej WoŸniak Infographic & Content Marketing in Poland
Maciej will prove that theory about content marketing and infographics from western markets can be successfully implemented in Poland. Case studies from 2013 and 2014 will present goals, metrics and numbers. You will learn how infographics can improve visibility in Google and how it can effect your business directly.

Phil Nottingham Video Marketing: YouTube Marketing & Video SEO
Phil will be talking through the trends in video marketing that define the way you should approach video going forward. Looking at new tools and trends in user behaviour, Phil will outline a formula for coming up with great ideas, explaining how you can create compelling content with restricted budgets and detailing the best ways to technically optimise your video content across YouTube and paid video hosting platforms.


£ukasz ¯elezny Scaling Up your SEO
- Cooperation with freelancers and outsourcing activities
- Cooperation with agencies
- Workflow organisation inside the company
- SEO-Tools
- Goals / KPIs and Measurement

Sam Jones Natural link building through Content Marketing – realigning SEO and links!
- Why natural link building?
- Connecting your brand through content marketing
- Driving customer loyalty and the right kind of click thru
- Which types of content drive the best actions

Conversion Rate Optimization

Viljo Vabrit     How to fail at Conversion Optimization
Many companies are spending time and money on conversion optimization with no results.In this session Viljo will share some common mistakes people are making and how you can avoid them. You will get actionable strategies to improve your conversions with less stress.

Oli Gardner    Advanced Landing Page Optimization With Conversion Centered Design
Landing pages are an essential part of every marketing campaign, yet most marketers are still doing it wrong. Learn how to use Conversion Centered Design to build landing experiences that convert more prospects into customers and gain a big competitive advantage. This session will give you actionable insights for increasing the conversion rate of your PPC campaigns, and how to design high-converting lead gen pages.

Native Advertising

Pete Campbell How to Use Native Advertising to Earn BIG Links
This talk will take you through how you can harness the power of emerging content advertising platforms and paid social distribution to help you earn big, ‘pearly-white’ links.

W³as Chorowiec Native Advertising in Poland & CEE
Wlas will present native advertising tools available in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe. He will show a few remarkable native advertising examples and formats which are avaiable also on social media platforms in Poland.

Google Analytics

Maciej Lewiñski     What is Google Universal Analytics and how it will affect conversion measurement?
New Google product has a more flexible tracking code that lets you collect data from any digital device and create new metrics. In my opinion Google Universal Analytics is a huge hat tip to companies with conversion paths diversified among different device types (mobiles, smartphones, laptops etc.) as well as online and offline channels. It is said that commerce gradually goes online - and looking at steadily rising e-commerce market in Poland (and other countries) it's hard to disagree. Google Universal Analytics (GUA) will help you track down where the sale took place and will improve effeciency of your marketing budget. Even better, every business owner who properly arranges his/her analytical infrastructure, will be able to make mini ROPO (Research Offline Purchase Online) surveys.

Marketing Technology

£ukasz Kapuœniak     Big D..a cons & pros
How to not get hurt by big data technology? Why you all should know what is 4V? Does your data is big enough? If your competitor has bigger data, does it make him/her happier? Is high correlation enough to make good decision? Are we watched?

On the first day of SMD you have an opportunity to present yourself in the exhibition area. It's a great chance to share your advertising message and experience with participants. The prices starts from 1000 euro... For more information please check our sponsorship packages.

After Party - June 10

After Party will be organized on the first day of SMD and starts at 8:00 pm at Pure Sky Club, located just next to Conference Venue. It’s on 22 nd floor! Make sure you get a special ticket that covers After Party. The fee includes free drinks, relaxing music and the magnificent view from top. Only 50 tickets left...

DAY 2 - Workshops ong>

We have prepared four paid workshops that will take place at Dago Centrum and Pure Sky Club on the second day of SMD. All these workshops will be structured as a practical training and will be run in English. Each workshop starts at 10:00 am and finishes at 6:00 pm. Choose your favorite one and register.

Danny Ashton (Infographics) no simultaneous translation 470 PLN
(120 EUR)
Creating Awesome Infographicssee more...
Infographics make complex ideas simple. They present a meaningful narrative where the data does the talking. But everyone knows there is a wide mix of infographics out there from pure genius to downright terrible. How can you make sure your infographic stands out from the crowd for the right reasons? This course aims to illustrate the processes behind a successful infographic.

Introduction to quality infographics.

Discussion of each stage of infographics process- leading group discussion, Danny will provide you with take - away points and the opportunity to put these pointers into practice, and build an in infographic brief from scratch.

ideas generation
copy writing
Overview and discussion of the infographic briefs- recognize what works by analyzing and discussing the brief created throughout the work shop ...they may even be the prize for the best one!

Oli Gardner (Conversion Rate Optimization) no simultaneous translation 470 PLN
(120 EUR)
Creating Landing Pages That Convert: Learn How to Optimize All Of Your Marketing Campaignssee more...

1. The Current State of Marketing

What are marketers doing wrong?
A live look at the landing experience of the audience’s industries

2. The Fundamentals of a High-Converting Landing Page

Setting your campaign goal
Creating the 5 essential elements
How to tell when your copy is meaningless
Using storytelling to write effective copy

3. Advanced Lead Generation Landing Page Design

Form-first design: designing your page from the inside out
Friction and it’s impact on conversion
Post-conversion marketing

4. A/B Testing and Optimization

The landing page optimization process
What you should be testing
How to test: which tools should you be using and when?
Live landing page critiques

Phil Nottingham (Video Marketing)  no simultaneous translation 970 PLN
(230 EUR)
Video Marketing: YouTube Marketing & Video SEOsee more...

1. Building a video strategy

Defining your target audience
How to work out what sort of video to create
Determining where to host your video and what sort of technical implementation to use
How to ensure effective measurement throughout the video life cycle

2. Indexation, Video SEO and Link Building with video.

Best practices to ensure optimum performance with video in search engines
Video Sitemaps, Schema and indexation issues
How to use video content to assist with your link building efforts

3. Using YouTube and YouTube Optimisation

Metadata on YouTube
Building out an optimised channel
How to generate thousands of views
Effective measurement of key metrics

4. Paid Promotions for Video (YouTube, GDN Facebook, Reddit etc...)

How to put together an effective video advertising campaign
The different platforms available for video seeding and advertising
Typical costs and budgeting
How to optimise for an effective video advertising campaign

£ukasz ¯elezny & Sam Jones (SEO)  no simultaneous translation 1470 PLN
(350 EUR)
Content Marketing For SEO - Conceptualisation and Implementationsee more...
- Where to start

Why do content marketing
How to start the creative process
- Developing ideas

On-site versus off-site content marketing projects
Which mediums/channels are right for your brand?
What would appeal to our target audience?
Where can we reach our target audience?
- Identifying stakeholders and implementers

Who needs to be involved in the creative process?
Who is best placed to create content? 
Who is best placed to implement the content?
- Developing content

User vs. sales – maintaining focus on customers
Integrating brand messages
Structure and message of content
Maintaining alignment with brand objectives
Editing and polishing
- Delivery

Where do we place content for maximum ROI?
Which platforms work best for eBooks, news, whitepapers, video, infographics et al.
- Overcoming client and in house resistance to content marketing initiatives

How to work with marketing teams not against them
How to focus content marketing with brand objectives
Successfully blurring the lines between marketing and SEO
- Link benefits to content marketing

Why content marketing creates a natural search friendly link profile
Which type of links content marketing creates
How content marketing fits in with other SEO objectives
Building social engagement
Building brand awareness as an SEO factor
-  Co-ordinating content marketing projects

Working with in-house DEV guys in content marketing
Working with freelancers and agencies in content marketing
Handling budgets
Monitoring performance and setting KPI’s - Tracking, Monitoring and Balancing representative KPI Everywhere!

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