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Oct 26, 2011 Social Media, Business, Technology and the Law New York, New York
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Oct 26, 2011



Oct 27, 2011


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Thousands of companies worldwide are leveraging the power of social media to get closer to consumers. Your competitors view social media as an integral part of their marketing and customer relations strategy. If you are not actively integrating these emerging platforms into your business plan, you risk falling way behind. American Conference Institute (“ACI”) is pleased to introduce its Social Media, Business, Technology and the Law conference, taking place October 26 – 27, 2011 in New York City.

The omnipresence of social media is undisputed. The laws have not quite caught up with the lightning fast pace of technology. In-house counsel and newly created social media executives are left to interpret existing laws and how to apply them to these platforms. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have guidelines to help companies with everything from promotions to job postings to advertising messages. Social media has undoubtedly forced you to change your internal organization structure and corporate communications policy. How does your Social Media policy stack up against your competitors? By attending this program, you will gain insights into how other companies are handling social media, see where you are ahead of the curve, and the areas that you are lagging behind.

The legal risks of social media do not end in the business sphere. It has come crashing into the courtroom, with issues ranging from “friending” judges on various platforms, to the discoverability of posts made to Facebook or Twitter. Several states have addressed these issues, but it remains a gray area in most regions. Government agencies are also taking to social media sites in order to build evidence for their cases. The law is far from settled in this area and usage patterns continue to evolve - learn how to mitigate your legal risks.

Social Media, Business, Technology and the Law is the only conference of its kind. Many programs focus on one aspect of social media. However, in order to develop a successful and legally compliant strategy, you need to understand how to connect the dots between the business, legal, and technological aspects of social media.

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