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February 28, 2011 Social Media & PR Conference Hong Kong, Singapore
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February 28, 2011



March 4, 2011


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, Hong Kong, Singapore, 068808

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Do you know how to harvest your efforts in one PR function to make it work for other functions?
Are you adept at handling the challenges that social media PR has presented in this age?
Can you seamlessly integrate both traditional and new media in your PR strategies?

Join us at this interactive two-day conference on “Social Media & PR” to acquire effective PR techniques for boosting your brand image and reputation. Find out how companies like Boeing, BASF, BT Asia Pacific, SAP, Microsoft, HP, Kia, Dow Jones and more have successfully grasped the intricacies of social media to make it work for them. Through in-depth case studies and real-world solutions, learn how to develop a relationship externally with journalists and the mediums that matter and internally with your employees. Be equipped with the skills to push the voice of your organisation out, handle a PR crisis by enlisting the help of social media and identify key ROIs to evaluate your communication effectiveness. By the end of the conference, you will be able to successfully integrate both new and traditional media into your PR strategies!

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For more information, please email Ms Adrielle Ting at� or call us at +65 6372 2202.

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