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Feb 13, 2012 Software Asset Management Strategies 2012 Berlin, Berlin
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Feb 13, 2012



Feb 14, 2012


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Implementation of enterprise-wide SLM and SAM Tools | Cost-saving, risk-reducing and demand-oriented SAM in practice | Cloud Computing and SaaS | License models and strategies to the test | SLM and SAM in dynamic business environments

Dates: 13th & 14 February 2012
Venue: Maritim pro Arte Berlin

Software Asset Management Strategies 2012: Are you still looking or you control it?

On 13 & 14 February 2012 held in Berlin we.CONECT Software Asset Management Strategies 2012th In the context of cross-industry conference latest opinions from the German-speaking companies are vorgstellt. Software asset management experts and software license manager discuss innovative approaches and solutions together and go into the question of how software licenses managed not only operationally but software assets can be used strategically.

Hear keynote addresses, among other things, and current opinions Baloise ITERGO and Swisscom. Baloise reported on the definition of requirements and targets, and the concerted implementation of a software asset and license management. Swisscom introduces the software in use metering methods for optimal use of existing software licenses. ITERGO outlines the path from client to server management license.

Ice Breaker several sessions, interactive roundtables as part of a World Café and case studies of well-known companies to provide participants with an overview of strategies used and applied solutions. According to Daniel Wolter, Head of Partnerships, we.CONECT Global Leaders, the conference aims at to provide participants with a balanced mix of lectures, class discussion and many opportunities as possible viable approaches for the realization of a transparent software asset management. "Dynamic corporate structures and technological trends such as SaaS, cloud computing and mobile business applications, many companies face new challenges. The Software Asset Management Strategies 2012 takes up this momentum. "

Benefit from a wide range of information dissemination and exchange of knowledge and:

§ Take part in we.CONECT World Café. Take advantage of the possibilities of collective intelligence in order to receive substantial momentum for your daily work.
§ Experience a variety of case studies in which individual approaches and innovative solutions are presented.
§ Find out first- hand how other companies have made their situation more transparent licensing and managing software assets strategically.
§ Meet our business partners, discuss processes, solutions and products locally.
§ Come on the eve of the conference together in Ice Breaker Sessions. Make you feel warm discursive for two days of the conference.
§ Take advantage of the possibility of four-eyed meetings with our business partners and your experts.
§ And you discover Berlin, one of the most exciting cities in Europe.

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