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November 14, 2017 SUBCOM 2017: The Subscription Commerce Summit San Francisco, California
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November 14, 2017



September 15, 2017


Conference Location:

Marines' Memorial Club, San Francisco, California

Conference Organizer

Conference Organizer:

Insight Exchange Network


Contact Person:

Carmen La


Phone Number:

(831) 713 – 5244


Subscription-based commerce is not a new concept by any means, but we can thank the extreme connectedness of the modern world for the recent explosion of companies taking advantage of recurring-revenue streams. When successful, subscription models will drive healthier profit margins, more predictability for budget and inventory, reduced spending, and increased retention. But there are numerous risks, including the potential for large scale issues that can undermine retention, difficulties with customer acquisition, and the inability to oversee gross product quality at scale—to name just a few. Join us at SUBCOM 2017 and gain invaluable insight into how you can optimize the customer lifecycle in order to address persistent pain points head-on, minimize friction and churn, and maximize profits and ROI in your subscription commerce business.

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