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May 29, 2009 Ultimate Marketing Seminar New South Wales, Australia
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May 29, 2009



May 31, 2009


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Marketing is the life blood of any business - never more so than during a recession. Good marketing, properly executed, can make the difference between success & failure in a competitive industry. It can literally be the difference between wealth & success or closing the doors.

Into this slower, more competitive economy we have launched a must-see event for every Australian business owner, entrepreneur, or Internet marketer looking to protect & grow their revenue:

Ultimate Marketing Seminar

Up to 10 of the world�s sharpest marketing minds will share their ideas & strategies at events across 3 cities (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne) in May & June. The line up includes:

��� *� Brad Fallon - world�s #1 expert on SEO, co-founded StomperNet, the world�s biggest training company in Internet marketing which he grew from nothing to US$30m in only 3 years. Brad will reveal secrets on free traffic & how to get started in your online business.

��� *� John Carlton � the world�s #1 advertising copywriter � and certainly the world�s leading teacher on how to create copy & advertising that sells. He�s taught & inspired many of the biggest names in marketing over the years.

��� *� Adam Ginsberg � the world�s #1 eBay trainer & bestselling author of �How to Buy, Sell & Profit on e-Bay�. Adam made over $20 million dollars selling products on eBay & will show you how to easily start making more money online.

�and 7 other experts: Ari Galper, Siimon Reynolds , Brendan Nichols, Melanie Benson Strick, Mike Keonigs, James Schramko & Berny Dormann.

Some of these speakers have never presented in Australia before, some of them may never do so again! Don�t miss this unique opportunity to learn innovative marketing strategies & give your business an edge.

Best of all: tickets to this event are free for LinkedIn members!

Click through to the website for dates in each city & more information on the speakers, then reserve your seats.

Join us for this once in a lifetime opportunity. See you there! Everywhere!

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