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May 04, 2016 Unleashing Innovation Summit Singapore Singapore, Singapore
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May 04, 2016



May 05, 2016


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Venue TBA

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Conference Organizer:

Cvent Inc.


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Victoria Twint


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+31 20 308 07 33

A biological ecosystem is a complex set of relationships among a group of living resources, habitats and residents whose functional goal is to maintain a sustainable state. Likewise, an innovation ecosystem relies on complex relationships between entities whose goal is to not only sustain but grow.  Relevant parties of a successful innovation ecosystem include the material resources (funds, equipment, facilities, etc.) and the human capital (staff, industry researchers. This years’ Unleashing Innovation summit looks to explore the strategies that go into creating and maintaining an effective ecosystem by maximizing resources within as well as the benefits of external functional resources outside the organization


Technology is transforming the way we do business. Innovation requires new ways of thinking about our products, our business and our partners.  The goal of this summit is to facilitate dialogue between innovation executives involved in product development, R&D, business development and marketing with the goal of exploring challenges and successes of putting in place an effective ecosystem for increased innovation ROI.  Addressed will be the challenges associated with developing new customer-centric business models, pioneering novel relationships with partners, acquisitions and non-profits as well as exploring expanding internal systems and ecosystems through strengthened employee engagement and learning. Everywhere!

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