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Jul 10, 2014 Why Mobile Personalization and Hyperlocal Content is the Future of Digital United States
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Jul 10, 2014



Jul 10, 2014


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Responsive design has been a buzzword over the last few years. It essentially means that the design molds to the device that it is viewed on. Regardless if the user is looking at the design on a computer, tablet, mobile device, or television, a responsive design shapes and adjusts to the screen size and device type. 2014 is the year of mobile personalization and hyperlocalized content. Users expect the content they consume to be more and more personalized and relevant to them specifically. Because of this, it is critical that brands understand the context in which the user is attempting to view the content and then to personalize the experience based on that specific data. By attending this live webinar you will learn about best practices in responsive design, mobile personalization and localization and how to decide whether a mobile app or a mobile website is most appropriate for your brand or business.

5 Reasons to Attend
- You will learn how to decide whether a mobile website or mobile app is more suited for your brand or business.
- You will learn how to use analytics to better customize your mobile user experience.
- You will learn about the future of localization and hyperlocal mobile content.
- You will learn how to increase conversions and revenue through mobile channels.
- You will learn about responsive design and its pros and cons.

    Discuss the "State of Mobile"
•    Mobile vs. Tablet
•    Mobile Use Cases
•    Responsive Mobile Design + Examples
    Why Personalized Content Is the Future of Digital and How Mobile Is at the Helm
•    Best Practices for Personalization and Customized Content Delivery via Mobile (Using Data and Insights)
•    How It Can Lead to Increased Conversions/Revenue
•    How Hyperlocal (Geo Based) Content Is the Future of Mobile and Advertising
    Mobile Website vs. Mobile App
•    Differences and Similarities
•    The Formula (How to Decide) Everywhere!

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