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Nov 28, 2012 World Innovation Convention United States
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Nov 28, 2012



Nov 30, 2012


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Where innovation visionaries & business leaders converge

World Innovation Convention is the annual global networking event that innovation practitioners rely on to meet legendary innovators and discover emerging innovation trends from those who are setting them. World Innovation Convention is the international innovation conference of choice for CEO’s, managers, consultants, innovation enthusiasts, inventors, high-ranking government officials, media, academics, technology gurus, and designers. Offering the perfect blend of topics, speakers, location, format, and diversity, this event ranks first in its class.

After its first two hugely successful editions, this pivotal innovation platform in its 3rd edition in 2012 will be held in celebrity style, in a five-star retreat at the heart of the French Riviera in spectacular Cannes – an inspiring playground for the birth of new ideas. The event is scheduled for November to cover the year’s latest developments and give you a head start on 2013.

Must –Attend Event: Why World Innovation Convention?

1.    Stay on the cutting-edge of innovation.
2.    Learn from inspiring corporate leaders.
3.    Discover fresh ideas for green products.
4.    Get answers to pressing innovation questions.
5.    Access the facts on new technologies & trends.
6.    Network with those who matter most.
7.    Get media exposure for your business.
8.    Encounter mind-blowing insights.
9.    Meet passionate innovation-hungry professionals.
10.    Revitalize innovation and idea management processes

 Budget versus Return on Investment

Participation empowers you to capitalize on current and future innovation trends to increase your ROI and expand your customer base. By participating, you can use innovation knowhow gained to reinvent your strategies, processes, and products, and you can charge the brands you launch today with the currents of tomorrow’s innovation. Attend and you will learn how to:

1.    optimize innovation for your company size and type
2.    reinvent your infrastructure to accelerate innovation
3.    minimize innovation risks and maximize its returns
4.    innovate effectively and sustainably
5.    build a culture of continuous innovation

Registration includes full access to dinner, workshops, and conference material. World Innovation Convention 2012 offers you fantastic value for money from the trusted conference brand.

Register today. Your business future depends on it. Everywhere!

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