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Sep 16, 2014 Writing Effective Email Language and Subject Lines United States
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Sep 16, 2014



Sep 16, 2014


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Email marketing is one of the best tools for ongoing communication with customers and prospects. It offers an ongoing opportunity to educate, build trust and rapport, and lead prospects to purchase your products and services. You need an effective email marketing strategy to send both one-time broadcast email messages as well as auto-responder series. If you communicate consistently, the benefits are significant. If you have a haphazard, start and stop strategy, you will alienate customers and prospects and increase unsubscribes. This live webinar will teach you techniques and strategies to create compelling email messages that cause people to take action.

Benefits for You
- Learn how to write email copy that causes people to take action.
- Learn how to tell stories in email messages to create an emotional connection.
- Learn tips to increase open rates with a hot email subject line.
- Learn how to add value in a promotional message.
- Learn techniques to train your audience to click on offers.

    Increasing Email Open Rates – Writing Subject Lines
•    Power Words That Grab Attention
•    Crafting a Subject Line That Stands out
•    Tips to Use Capitalization and Punctuation to Create Interest
    Improving Clickthroughs – Writing Email Copy
•    Techniques to Write Compelling Email Copy
•    How to Keep People Reading Your Message
•    Tips to Include an Effective Call to Action
    Email Retention Strategies – Adding Value
•    Tips to Keep Subscribers on Your List
•    Content Marketing Strategies for Email
•    How to Plan an Email Marketing Campaign Everywhere!

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