Evaluation Methods

At topseos.com we evaluate and rank online marketing companies in order to identify the best companies offering a variety of services and software solutions. We have created our proprietary methodology for identifying the best online marketing companies and ranking them based on their merits and competitive advantages. This method takes into consideration the changing nature of online marketing as a whole.


Our first step in ensuring a thorough evaluation is performed is to begin with a thorough analysis of a vendor’s services or software offerings. During our analysis our research team spends time gathering information about each vendor including information about their clients, the average size of their campaigns, and the professionals involved in producing services or improving upon their existing offerings. We also spend time analyzing reports, client feedback, and other metrics critical to the success of campaigns for the services we evaluate or the tools and software we are introduced to.

Evaluation Process

We have crafted our evaluation process in order to take into consideration the specific factors which make each service or software category which we evaluate different from others. During our evaluation process our research team identifies the key strengths, weaknesses, and competitive advantages of each vendor particular to an area of service or software. This is done in order to benchmark that particular vendor within that particular area. Our evaluation process for search engine optimization companies is different from our evaluation process for pay per click management companies. Each process has a different approach and each vendor is benchmarked different in their different core services. A company capable of producing exceptional SEO campaigns is not automatically assumed to be the best pay per click management or reputation management company.

Awards & Recognition

We also take into consideration a variety of industry awards, accomplishments, and achievements which are distributed through conference events and competitions. Due to our activity within the online marketing industry and our partnerships with conference organizers and training resources we remain aware of the latest developments and achievements of top performing online marketing companies and software vendors in the industry. The vendors we recommend are often those providers offering whitepapers, case studies, and training sessions among other assets to the online marketing industry as a whole.


We believe the activity of a vendor within the industry outside of the services and software they produce is also a common indicator of a leader compared to that of a follower. We spend time investigating how involved an online marketing agency or software vendor is at conference events, in publications, and in ensuring the growth of expansion of the online marketing industry as a whole. The more active the vendor is within their particular niche in addition to the industry as a whole, the more likely they are to establish their brand as a leader and innovator within the industry.

Warning Factors

Many businesses express a legitimate concern about selecting online marketing companies. As a result, we take into consideration numerous warning factors during our research to ensure the vendors we are recommending are the vendors which take seriously their role as a leading vendor of the services and software which we evaluate. Many of the warning signs which we take into consideration include a pattern of laying off sections of their workforce, decreased advertising spending, and a decrease in the rate of acquiring new clients. Many of these warning signs are used in order to identify problematic elements or providers in order to ensure our list of recommended vendors contains those with a long-term dedication to the industry.

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