On Site Agency Verification

We offer online marketing agencies the unique opportunity to have our research team available to investigate their internal processes and methodologies at their place of business. We encourage providers of online marketing solutions to provide us with this opportunity as a means of verifying their capabilities, workforce, and establishment in order to further solidify their position as one of the best vendors in the industry.

On-site agency visits are an opportunity for online marketing agencies to showcase to us their strengths and competitive advantages in a way where there is a clear record and verification process to remove any doubt on the validity of claims being made. This is a more direct approach which can be taken to ensure a vendor’s capabilities while providing them with the opportunity to obtain or maintain their position within the rankings.

During our visits we are interested in learning more about the internal philosophies and methodologies which have been created and are actively utilize in-house. These visits are an opportunity to not only showcase the size and professionalism of the agency, but to prove the legitimacy of the professionals involved in producing online marketing services and software. During these visits we generally look to confirm the details of our analysis by verifying the number of individuals employed at the location, the types of projects which the professionals are generally involved in, and the overall culture which is maintained at the place of business.

We also speak with the leaders and internal team members which are directly involved in providing the software and services which we evaluate. During this time we are able to obtain a unique perspective of the vendor which involves a back and forth conversation on various topics related to the industry and learning about their approach. This ultimately means being able to verify the word of the agency and the results which they claim through a direct method of holding them accountable.

Agencies interested in being evaluated in their on-site location can begin the process by filling out the request for on-site evaluation on topseos.com.

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