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I have used Broadly for a total of 36 days. I was using Nicejob before and I was comparing the two services. I wanted to see if Broadly was worth the 2.5x price tag when compared to Nicejob. Unfortunately, although the customer service (until I canceled) was phenomenal, the results were not there. I didn’t get very much reviews using the platform. I got a lot of customers who clicked the “will recommend” thumbs up button but didn’t proceed with writing a review. When I called to support regarding this issue, I was told that I need to ask my customers for a review in a different way. This was bizarre to me because I used the same pitch to ask for reviews as I have been doing with Nicejob for two years. When I decided that the pricing is not justified and I am not getting the results I was expecting, the customer service lady was extremely rude and unprofessional. It seems like everyone is super nice at Broadly until you call to cancel - at that point it goes downhill. Also, I was told by Broadly that they improve your SEO by using a patent-pending review stream which Nicejob does not do. They told me at the sales pitch that Nicejob’s review stream “cannot be read by Google”. I contacted Nicejob regarding this claim and Nicejob’s CEO emailed me and assured me that it’s completely false. I was told that Broadly simply lied to me to get me to sign up with them. When I confronted Broadly and requested a refund for my overpaid service via email TWICE, my emails were ignored with no response. I am giving two stars (rather than one) for my great customer service during my paid “trial”. Other than that, not a very good overall experience. Don’t let them BS you!

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