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We were struggling with a Google Analytics issue after GDPR and the team quickly identified the problem. We are back to getting all our data!


I've worked closely with Direct Online Marketing across several engagements -- hiring them for e-commerce, higher education and social media companies -- and couldn't be more of a fan. The DOM team is results focused and unlike other firms understands the value of client services. They take a lot of time to get to know the people involved and build rapport around the results -- which have always been improvements in yield and conversion costs.


My company has been working with Direct Online Marketing for over 7 years. They have been instrumental in the growth of our e-commerce business into over 100 countries worldwide.


For the absolute pros in all things Google Adwords, look no further. Justin and his team are absolute rockstars. Can say enough about their approach and the results.


Love working with Direct Online Marketing and have had the privilege of working with them for more than five years across two companies I have represented. I would recommend them to anyone.


We were having an issue with one of the forms on our website and needed some serious backup. I reached out to Leland my front line contact and while he's away from the desk it went to Jonathan Benz who did some trouble shooting and was able to get the form fixed. The support from DOM is beyond what I expected and I can't thank them enough.(We are a regional University and this form is very important this time of year as students are still applying and getting ready to begin a new school year.)


Direct Online Marketing was helpful in answering my marketing questions and getting me to where I needed to be. Adam Roth was extremely knowledgeable and of great value in helping me get ahead!


After hiring DOM to improve our SEO, we saw a huge increase in traffic to our website and incoming leads. So happy we decided to invest in this effort. Thank you to Stephanie at DOM for helping us get everything set up and answering all my reporting questions!


Working with Direct Online Marketing was a great experience. We recommend them for any one that wants to achieve great marketing results. We felt fully guided during the whole process and we clearly understood how to achieve our marketing goals. Adriana Parra, our contact person in DOM, was very helpful and very very nice. Thanks Adriana for all of your help.


I've had the pleasure of working with Jonathan Bentz at DOM through several stops in his career. So while the company itself was new to me in August (when we kicked off an eight-month program), the level of service I received was nothing short of exceptional. This firm is a committed marketing PARTNER, who will hear your needs/concerns, and come back with actionable plans to drive to your desired outcomes. I cannot say enough about my overall satisfaction with the outstanding experience DOM was able to deliver. Thank you so much and I sincerely look forward to working with you again in the future.

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