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About - Finnegan SEO- Looking For The Right SEO For Your Project

If you have an online business or even a brick and mortar business with an online presence, them you may be interested in what I have to say.

Nowadays, it is said that if you don’t have an online presence for your business, well, then You are missing out on the bulk of customers that you could have. To take that even further, even if you do have an online presence, but are not on page ONE of the search engines, why then you STILL are leaving the bulk of web traffic and customers on the table. Although it is essential to have a website (and kudos to you for at least having that), but you also must keep in mind that if nobody can see it…be it due to competition or bad optimization, well then it’s as good as invisible, non-existent…non-profitable!

This is where you must consider hiring an SEO Expert, otherwise known as a search engine optimization expert. They will be able to analyze your website and make all the necessary tweaks to ensure that you rank up where your competitors are or better yet…above them. After all, if they are more visible, then obviously THEY are getting the phone calls and the visits…not you. You have to look at this as an investment in your business. As is advertisement, so is SEO. With the added benefit that once in place, it can stand for a long time to come, as opposed to when you take out an ad, it ceases to run when you stop paying. SEO usually is a several month investment, but depending on how fierce the competition is, it could run over a year. Each business is different, so it needs it’s own custom fit. What may work for one industry or area, will not necessarily work for another.

Talk to an seo expert that can do the work correctly. Google search their business and see if they put their money where their mouth is. Are they ranking their own business on page one? If so, then most likely there’s a good chance they will be able to do it for you as well. Most of the time they will be happy to talk with you concerning your goals and what YOU in particular are looking to do for YOUR business. They can help get you the exposure that you need via social media, press releases, optimizing the ¬†on page factors of your website as well as your off page.

There is a lot of factors that go into seo work, so it’s not something you may really want to try and tackle on your own. Some things are better left up to the experts. Keep in mind also, that this is a SLOW moving process and not something that you will see immediate results for. As I stated earlier, this is a MONTHS long investment, yet a very worthwhile one. Since Google is always changing their algorithms, this is something that a good seo keeps on top of. They will know the latest tactics to apply to your site, that will be the most effective with what Google is looking for.

So in conclusion, all you really need to do in order to find an expert that is right for you, is to Google the city your in (or a major city near your business or one of your business). But it doesn’t even necessarily have to be one located near you. That’s what is so great about the internet. Most competent seos can rank your business from anywhere in the world. So do some research, Google a few companies and let them help you bring in some fresh, untapped online customers. Thank you for reading.

–Finnegan SEO

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