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Poor Customer Service

By Melanie Wilkes May 16, 2015



They've done a great job for me. Very affordable.


This is a VERY slick organization. Avoid at all directions. They have very nice motivated people. My instincts tell me the sales people do not understand how disreputable Local Lighthouse is in the industry. Each person has a task and as you get passed around the sales process each person has a misrepresentation goal they are not aware of. They will promise a result Local Lighthouse can not deliver. In my case they promised top billing in Savannah which is NOT where my business is located. When they asked for my google login credentials I realized I'd been hoodwinked after I'd signed up and given payment information.


SCAM!!!!! I never signed on for any service and they somehow stole my cc info and have been charging my acct. No customer service.


I've been a client of Local Lighthouse for several years. Initially I had them make a new website and had them link it to another one I've had for 20 years. Because of their expertise at pleasing the search engines, the one they made for me rose quickly in searches and brought my older site up with it! After I got established with them, they gave me a very reasonable rate for monthly maintenance. As SEO evolves, they tweak the code on my site (which I used to have to do myself) and basically keep everything going smoothly. And then there's the local SEO. If you check my name, DovenStar Intuitive Reiki Center, you'll see I"m at the top all over my geographical area. Their customer service is fantastic, there's always someone who answers the phone, my questions get answered, issues get resolved... I don't know why they only have 1.8 out of 5 stars here in Google. My experience with them has been great and I really, really appreciate that they take care of my online presence. No one asked me for this review, I am not receiving compensation for this review, they just deserve to be acknowledged for their good work!


This is a very professional company that is great to work with. The bad reviews seem to center around how they initially contact companies, however, you will be very glad you chose them because they are the "Best" at what they do and If you don't want them that's fine but quit hurting companies that need their help by trashing their initial contact calls only. Take a real look at the finest group of people you're ever going to hire. These bad Reviewers are hurting their own Karma and hindering others from using the best company in their industry niche.


I've been using Local Lighthouse for years now. I have a great website and people find my business through google searches all the time. If I want a minor change to my website, customer service is professional and quick with the changes. Thank you Local Lighthouse.


I've been here years ago and it was not so good. This last time it was much better. Friendly people, good food and service


This was my first time. Ordered the fish and chips. The fish was crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside. Fries were crispy.


Very good


Fish and chip

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