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By Chris Ritchie Oct 08, 2019


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OUTSTANDING!! Octavo designed 2 of my websites and I would highly recommend using their services. Industrial Home & Zoltan Design Co.


Octavo Designs is my go-to branding team. When I left the business world and launched my holistic business, Sue and her team developed a brochure that quickly positioned me as an expert. Since then I have called upon their graphic design expertise to brand my Meditation Center with a fantastic logo, that graces all of our marketing materials and looks great on our promotional t-shirts. I unequivocally can recommend Octavo Designs.


The Octavo Designs team is extremely dedicated to what they do, and they do it well. Their work is inventive and creative, with a flair that's distinctly theirs. If you're looking for a creative team that's passionate about bringing their clients' goals and visions to fruition, or giving it new life, look no further than Octavo.


Octavo Designs is a fun-loving creative group with exceptional designs. They have excellent customer service and always meet their deadlines. They pride themselves on creating custom solutions for their clients--unlike many design firms today. I greatly enjoy working with everyone on staff.


Octavo consistently delivers fabulous design with perfect functionality, plus they are super fun and collaborative. Our projects always turn out to be awesome!


Sue, Seth and Cory are awesome. I could not have asked for a more client oriented, creative design firm. Boy was I lucky to find them. The feedback on our new websites and printed material is off the charts. They nailed each project they have done for my businesses and I love working with them. I highly recommend them!


Let me just say: From the first person to answer the phones, whether it's Sue or Seth or Cory or Kavin, the customer service and attention to detail from Octavo Designs is beyond compare. Our company has worked with Octavo for the last 8 years, and I've personally worked with Sue and her team for the past 3 1/2 years. I'm consistently impressed by the projects they produce for us: whether it's a website, a banner, flyers, newspaper ads, etc. The quality of work from Sue and her team is light years above anyone else in our state....well, let's just say they're number 1 in the nation. :) Whenever I call for assistance, I always get a live person at Octavo and an immediate resolution to my problem. Our new website went live just this week, and within 2 1/2 days our inquiries from the website increased tremendously! I credit it all back to the way that Octavo's team designed our website: it's user-friendly, beautiful and exactly what our clients are looking for. The results speak for themselves. Also, Sue and her team designed the website so it's easy for me to edit it and even to add new pages over time. Amazing!We cannot say 'thank you' enough!!! You're the best, Octavo Designs!

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