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This SEO company appears reasonable from the onset, nice proposal, friendly staff but it's just plain wrong!- kept delaying jobs which required urgent completion.- no report at the end of the month. (even though it was originally promised as part of the initial proposal and one of the main reasons I used their service)- staff on my campaign kept changing like a revolving door which I now realise says a lot about the company itself.- they won't complete jobs unless you keep following up with them time and time again.- couldn't even find my company in Google search results after 4 months!- staff always appear to have lots of great excuses.- they post messages on wrong websites/forums which are not even related to my industry!- after all of this, 0% refund, basically told me to get lost and that they were not concerned about me leaving as they had plenty of other customers.- After all of this they still tried to convince to keep buying services from them!-They are only after your money!This company is just a joke.. it's a trap.Edit - After almost every 1 star review there is suddenly a burst of 5 star reviews and they claim the 1 star review to be a fake.

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