Client Review on Osky Blue


Look Out for Osky Blue. I have been in business for over 4 decades and I can truthfully tell you this is the wickedest bunch I have every run into. If you are like me and are a novice at social media, LOOK OUT, you are perfect Osky Blue bait. Let me tell you what happens. First the lock you into a long term contract. Then they act like they know what they are doing. All would have been fine with them until I brought on a social media expert who could drill through the Osky Blue BS and reveal their incompetency. At that point we gave them notice that we were unhappy with their service and wanted to terminate the contract. They refused and continued to charge our company $1000 for 3 more months.After experiencing Osky Blue the only thing I can say they are good at is swindling the social media naive . If you are like me, my advice is to turn and run if you see Osky Blue coming

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