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When we were looking for a PR agency to sign on, we made clear that we wanted coverage in reputable and well-known sources. We chose PolkaDot, as we were told we had an exciting product, and considering the general tone of the media which was against larger banks, there would be little trouble in securing prominent media (our product was in the financial sector). Coupled with the fact that we were recently covered in all of the Fairfax media for the AMEX award, and went through a media campaign in the on-set of of our business (that saw us get coverage on SkyNews, Lifehacker, and others), we were comfortable with the process and the assurance. Namely, we understood that PR agencies had pre-existing relationships with journalists, and had a good understanding of what would and wouldn’t get coverage. 1 month into our engagment, PolkaDot secured coverage in an obscure blog with less than 1000 followers, and in StartupSmart. Both of these were in places we were confident we could get ourselves, and more importantly, did not line up with the assurances made. We had several mediation meetings, but did not get any of our concerns resolved.While they were quick to respond to our support queries, they do not seem to have the relationships with journalists, and did very poorly in formulating a strategy that would help get coverage. They also cost as much as more prominent PR agencies, for a poorer outcome. You'd be better off hiring those, and avoiding any promises made with PolkaDot.

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