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One Star? No - zero. Have had nothing but grief and 100's of 1000's of dollars lost due to bad mistakes in website. They had no clue how to produce content for my business and then the website was shut down due to copyright infringement by the content they put up. We did not find out for almost a year that they had put a long distance phone number in as a tracking number. When clients dialed the number it was supposed to go directly to our office, but clients heard, "This is a long distance number to which long distance charges apply. Please redial with 1 at the beginning of the number." Clients would not bother to call long distance, but would then search out a different office. We became almost invisible on the net and went from 25-30 new online clients to 0 almost overnight. We did not find out about the phone number until a brother-in-law tried to call using the website. Even he did not call back to schedule an appointment and only told us a month later that the number on the website was long distance. A study of our client base shows that a client is worth about $1000 in the first year. If we were getting only 20 new clients from net in the past and we then go to 0, then 20 clients X 12 months X 2 years X $1000 = $480,000 in lost new client revenue.Once problems were found, it became impossible to contact anyone at Rapid Boost Marketing for resolution. When we tried to call last month to discuss cancelling the website, Ali said he would sue for non-payment. ??? No discussion at all. He said we need to give 30 days notice and we have been trying for a month to talk with him and get a return call. When speaking with anyone else, they do not know what is going on and if we ask for Ali, he is never available. We started with them 3 years ago and have been dealing with the discovered problems for a year and about 4 months trying to talk with someone who can do anything about anything.I wonder how long this will stay up on the review.I will post again to share any further dealings

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