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By far the best SEO app for mac I've come across

I just wanna say "thank you" to whoever developed of this amazing software. Was so hard to find a complete SEO pack for Mac, and I finally have one now!nI got the tool like 3 months ago and have already seen a bunch of really cool new features rolled out (XML sitemap generator is one of them).nAll I want to say is, guys, keep up the good work!nCheer from Germany.

I highly recommend Powersuite software

I highly recommend Powersuite software to optimize your website. I am a beginner but Powersuite was able to walk me through the optimization and provided exceptional customer support. My website is ranking much better now! Excellent product, excellent service!

Happy to find SEO PowerSuite!

I am an SEO who has helped many people with promoting their businesses online. I

Impressed with functionality and price

There's a variety of SEO tools on the market today, and it makes choice really hard. I've tried similar online tools and i can say that SEO PowerSuite is very reasonably priced in comparison with them, and it has such a variety of features. I'm very impressed with the price and the functionality, thanks!

Excellent app. Very helpful.

SEO Powersuite consists of 4 different tools, but we use rank checker and backlink checker most of the time. We use the onpage optimizer website auditor just occasionally when we start working on a new website to see what needs to be fix. It's a great help then. I have never encountered a tool that spots some many different problems at once and stores them in one place. I'm really surprised at the pace Link-Assistant guys keep upgrading their software - notifications come in once a week or once in two weeks. Just amazing! This software works really fast. We ran several dozens of websites, and need ranking updates at least once a week. Rank checking for 5 keywords takes just 1 minute. Scheduler is very convenient. We have our projects for every website set up (with the competitors included), and we just run the scheduler with no need to come over and switch from one project to another. Report are very handy and easily-customized. We email them to our clients. Rank checker also has the keyword research feature. Very nice keywords are being suggested. It also works very fast. Some crazy number of keyword tools is integrated and you just choose and don't have to register. Spyglass [the backlink checker] gets lots of backlinks - several hundred on average. Lots of additional data on every backlink. I like that you see just at once if the link is still in place - not sure if other backlink checkers like seomoz or majestic have this feature. I guess not. Safety features are just amazing we always switch on the human emulation stuff to avoid captchas, and it really helps when you don't feel like proving Google for the 25th time the same day that you're human)) I highly recommend this software. there are practically no bugs i tracked so far. Once i had a problem with the number of searches in rank tracker that wouldn't show up, but support guys fixed that the same day. great job!

Perfect seo software

I have been using SEO Powersuite for several months, and I've become totally dependent on this software. It does all it promises and more. I primarily use it for rankings checks but the keyword research feature and the backlink checker are really cool too. I enjoy being able to check rankings smoothly and then easily analyze progress with graphs and charts and even send reports to my clients. This software was first recommended to me by a friend who was more keen on internet marketing and seo than myself. I guess he regrets this now, because now I'm becoming a geek and compete with him for proficiency in seo! Never ever tell your competitors about this software)))))))

Very easy to use and time-saving

Using SEO Powersuite for routine SEO activities makes it an enjoyable experience. I was amazed to see the level of automation and productivity our agency has achieved. It's fast & easy. It generates all kind of reports I need myself and I need to showcase to my clients. The workspace is very flexible and it can be tailored to your own needs. It's a lot of cheaper in comparison with the competitors (which are actually just separate tools). nI DO recommend SEO Power suite. Now SEO does not need to be complicated and does not need hours and days of routine work!

Easy to use and efficient software

nice stuff i like that's it's really easy to use - great software to seo and internet marketing newbies like me. in just six months my blog jumped from nowhere to the first 10 of Google for 'learn to play guitar' which is my main keyword - carry on with your great features and updates!

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