Client Review on Staylisted

Kept charging me after we cancelled
What was the best part of the experience?

Nothing after day 2 it was a very bad experience, I wouldn't recommend at all

What would you change about the experience?

I wish I had never signed up, I lost so much time and money - buyer beware


They told us they would promote our company website - instead after they had our payment info, they revealed they create and promote a dummy site, and for only 1 city (we work in 7 states - that doesn't help us at all). So we cancelled in writing within the 24 hours they state in their contract. We thought it was cancelled, but they kept charging us. They claim, we changed our minds over the phone. 1. This isn't true, 2. Even if it were, you still need a new contract signed because the first one was cancelled. That is why they write the laws this way, you have to have it in writing because anyone can claim "you said so on the phone". So stupid, I could claim they promised me $1000 on the phone, it's not legal, binding or professional. I showed them the written proof we never re-instated, they still wouldn't refund the money taken after the cancellation. That's illegal to pull money out of someone's account without a signed contract. Finally I have had to file a claim with the BB

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