Client Review on VisualVisitor


I think the thing I like best about the product is in the product at all... it is the response that customers give me when they realize what it does. You, know, that 'holy cow' response :-) Visual Visitor is an anonymous website visitor identification and lead generation tool that once installed on your website, will track those potential customers visiting. This is a lot like having “Caller-ID” for your website. Do you remember the days before “Caller-ID”? You had no idea who was calling until you answered the phone. Visual Visitor is just doing the same thing for your website. The product has come a long way in the last 5 or years. Originally, it was like most new software, a bit limited and clunky. Today, it is slick, sexy and full of features. I just love showing it to customers for the first time. There are several solutions on the market. Most are heavy contract commitments with high pressure salespeople - we get calls all the time. Visual Visitor is inexpensive and does not have a contract (month to month). You fiscally owe it yourself to try Visual Visitor first. I promise you won't be disappointed.

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