Client Review on WordStream


Beware of Wordstream! Even if you withdraw your permission to hold your credit / debit card details - they will still go ahead and charge your card and take money from your account!I sent an email to Wordstream withdrawing my permission for them to store my card details or charge my card and they went ahead and did anyway. There is no way to manage your payment details on their website and their staff are not forthcoming with cancellation details. At the end of the day, as a card holder, you should retain complete control over your card details and their use. By going ahead and using your card without your permission is fraud! To add insult to injury, they sent paperwork through to Visa claiming that I logged into their website and 'used' their service - even though they said that the service would 'stop' the day before. I simply logged in to see if they had indeed cancelled but they didn't! And they used that as justification to having taken money out of my account!!Don't get caught and ripped off by Wordstream!! Absolute sharks! Send them a check instead of giving them your card details!

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