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Zoek Worst company - don't give them money -SCAM

By asellison Jul 17, 2018

Their service has been completely pointless. On the initial phone sales call, the sales employee basically promised something very simple and clear. Zoek company would get my company listed on the fro... more


READ REVIEWS BEFORE CONTACTING ! I created my website via Wix template which is such a fantastic platform On their site they recommend Zoek for SEO and after reading the Wix Arena , reviews I put my trust into wix and contacted Zoek. Christian from Zoek was lovely and very quick and responsive to my emails.He set up my account details which included my credit card details and set a time for the personal marketing consultant to contact me to sign the contract. As I am in Australia the appointment was booked for 11 pm call. I did nt receive a call not until 1am in the morning. Money was withdrawn from my account at 11.49pm without me signing any contract. I am very grateful that they refunded my money but disappointed that wix puts trust into this company.


Hard pitch... they take your money really quickly. The worst part besides never doing anything (besides taking a list of key words I supplied) is that they keep billing my account each month although I paid a year upfront. Save your aggravation! Running your own business is challenging enough, working with a boiler room SEO operation is something to stay clear of.


Warning! You will get a hard sell from people recruited off of Craigslist. They will promise you everything and once they take your money... bye bye.To make matters worse- although I paid a year upfront (for a really special rate)... they keep taking money out of my account. Called twice and they apologize but it keeps happening. I am really surprised they have some type of relationship with wix.


(Translated by Google) I have been working with this company for three months and I am seeing good results. Be little by little and working with them we will achieve the purpose of being well placed on google. I'm already seeing better positions on our page in Google search engines. Every time I have had to communicate with them, for any questions, I have always been quickly answered by the chat and then they call me back. They are very ambles.We are making progress!(Original)Tengo tres meses de estar trabajando con esta compañía y he estoy viendo buenos resultados. Se poco a poco y trabajando con ellos vamos a lograr el propósito qu es el de estar bien ubicados en google. Desde ya estoy viendo mejores posiciones de nuestra página en los motores de búsqueda de Google. Cada vez que he tenido que cominucarme con ellos, para alguna consulta, siempre he sido atendido rápidamente por el chat y después me devuelven la llamada. Son muy ambles.Vamos bien!


(Translated by Google) Contract with the company They have never worked 70 days have already passed, they are not a fraud, it is a scam they are still trying to debit money from my credit cardContract with the company They have never worked 70 days have already passed, they are not a fraud, it is a scam they are still trying to debit my credit card money(Original)Contrate con la empresa Jamas trabajaron ya han pasado 70 dias no los contraten son un fraude , es una estafa siguen intentando debitar dinero de mi tarjeta de credito Contract with the company They have never worked 70 days have already passed, they are not a fraud, it is a scam they are still trying to debit my credit card money


Hello everyone! Let's start off first with saying yes Zoek is a scam business. But let me also say that they have multiple scam business! And I think they are actually doing fraud business that is very illegal and are laundering probably over millions and millions of dollars! Hey Zoek guess what- I know about you guys lol and alllllll about your tactics. Do these companies ring a bell-- 29 prime, OC listings, Internet local listings, rev local, local lighthouse sem, boost sem, magnify, boost mobile sem, xyz llc, genz media, capfirst payment, greenfield applications, b2b digital marketing , local splash, ---Oh my goodness you guys have a lot of false companies and there are way more then I didn't even post. How about these names -Russell Wallace , tony Redman , Dan keen, will Pineda, Terrance Quin, mac nguyen, Forrest Blackburn, oh man the list can go on. Listen I think you guys stop your fraudulent business - you guys might think your smart but I'm a computer geek and I know all about you guys and my team is probably smarter than yours- I reported y'all okurt! If anyone wants to join cahoots with me that have been scammed by this business please message me.Also I am not sure but I think these people also create fake registered agents to have there llc formed- they did theirs under registered agents and it also goes by northwest registered agents with the owner of the name dan keen . Possibly affiliated with legal zoom and also Inc 5000 and inc magazine.


They are the worst company I have ever hired. I hired them for 3 months to help me with my SEO. 3 months later, they did nothing. The amount of traffic I am getting is ZERO. My ranking on GOOGLE has not improved. Their customer service is also TERRIBLE. You cannot get a hold of them on a good day. I would not recommend them AT ALL. Look elsewhere please.


This is my 2nd review of this company. The first I left was right after I signed up and I had little experience with them. Since then, there have been nothing but errors and i haven't gotten ANY business from my website. My results were better BEFORE I signed on with the company. There have been erroneous listings that I had to change myself, a failure to provide blogs even though I pointed this out to them, the wrong list of keywords that I have requested to be changed several times, and poor responsiveness to my concerns. They're really good at marketing, but terrible at providing the services they promise! I will also be reporting to BBB today.This was my 1st review:I just signed up with the company, but so far so good! Very responsive and helpful. They're promising a lot and I'm excited to find out if they can fulfill them.




I never write reviews but refuse to let anyone else go through what I went through. They mislead you in their initial sale of what they can do for your company. There is very to little communication once you pay and they were not able to deliver ANY results for me. It was a terrible experience and I would NOT RECOMMEND this company to anyone. Especially small business owners or anyone not that familiar with SEO services, they will take advantage of your situation.

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