Published June 22nd, 2021 by Editorial Team

5 Best Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Projects of 2020

2020 was rife with turmoil and instability, during times like these it can be easy for companies to lose sight of their vital role in the communities they serve.

Here is a list of design agencies that made an effort to make corporate social responsibility (CSR) a priority in 2020, keeping the public good in perspective, and working with clients to not only deliver beautiful, functional, sites but also help contribute in a meaningful way to the communities they serve.

  1. Kobe Digital - .dooFup

    Kobe Digital - .dooFup .dooFup is a new app that aims to revolutionize dine-in and take-out experiences at restaurants, food trucks, and hotels for customers and vendors. .dooFup came to Kobe Digital looking for a partner to help them execute their innovative idea: an app that streamlines restaurant, food truck, and hotel room services experiences by maximizing efficiency in the ordering, preparation, payment, and delivery processes—for both customers and vendors.

    Kobe Digital began the app development process by initiating a comprehensive study of user experience and flow from beginning to end from both the vendor and customer perspectives. The team took into account the in-app experiences of browsing, ordering, and paying for food, as well as processes outside of the app, like the actual preparation and delivery of the food. At every stage, the team was careful to account for all possible variables of the experience, so nothing would be overlooked in the eventual build. Kobe Digital built an intuitive, user-friendly mobile app that automates the whole ordering process for customers and vendors at restaurants, food trucks, and hotels. With high levels of customizations available to food vendors and diners, the app enables a streamlined, automated process that increases efficiency and successful transmission of information and reduces wait time. Within 90 days of launch, dozens of major restaurants had integrated their POS systems with .dooFup, and more than $1 million worth of orders were generated using the app.
  2. CSA Group - by Blue Fountain Media

    CSA Group is a standards organization based in Toronto, Canada with 39 offices worldwide, that ensures the safety and technical excellence of the products and infrastructure you use every day. Millions of products bear the CSA mark, a globally recognized badge of safety and quality that products earn through rigorous certification and testing. CSA Group also writes standards that cover everything from nuclear power to railways, drawing on a network of over 9,000 volunteer experts.

    BFM partnered with CSA Group to help communicate its unique history, role, and services with a best-in-class website and a range of other marketing communications. The new site design deployed CSA’s green-and-blue colors to create a site that was professional, clean, and had a renewed focus on communicating a high level of service and technological expertise.  They also ensured that CSA Group’s content was surfaced across the site, introducing more users to the breadth and depth of the organization’s expertise.
  3. YMCAs of Boulder, Pikes Peak, and Pueblo - by Infront Webworks

    The YMCA is a nonprofit that has been helping communities through youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility for over 150 years. The Y was getting ready to launch the final phase of their international brand awareness campaign. Each region was supplied with digital advertising and marketing opportunities for regional directors to place in local markets. Unfortunately, not all of the local Y associations were ready for this final leap. Associations from across Colorado came together to identify online marketing gaps and discover cost-effective solutions to help them boost their local campaign efforts.

    With Infront Webworks, The Y built a mobile-responsive site, an easy to use content management system, search engine optimization, and a digital marketing and content strategy. This has made it easier to connect with YMCA members and deliver consistent experiences across the web, email, mobile and social media.
  4. eCall - by Amar Infotech

    ECall works with nurses and patients to provide efficient and simplified management for hospitals. Nurses and patients can receive notifications, alarms, and text messages with WiFi, VPN or M2M enabled Android and iOS devices. ECall allows them to communicate directly with an ECall Alarm Server for real-time alarm message delivery and in house text messaging for your nurse call, assisted living and emergency call systems.

    Amar Infotech was brought in to build a mobile app for Android and iOS that will allow a user to access alarms notifications which will be completely managed by one alarm server. They developed the app layout in a way that everyone can easily use and understand. They also integrated an alarm feature that displayed client information, alarm message, status, and priority. They also built out a full messaging and notification feature and GPS integration for quick and effective responses.
  5. Pajamas For Peace - by Digitawise

    Pajamas For Peace is an eco-friendly, sustainable, ethical pajamas company with a mission of promoting peace and giving back through their buy one, give one, empower one initiative.

    They partnered with Digitawise for a web design project for their eCommerce store for their pajamas. Digitawise built out the platform to be user friendly and transparent in an effort to drive home Pajamas for Peace’s mission. They then expanded their partnership with the addition of social media, SEO, PPC, and content creation. Additionally, during the holiday season, Digitawise showed their commitment to Pajamas For Piece’s mission by sending their clients a pair of their pajamas. Everywhere!

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