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All That You Need To Know About Article Services

Another way of interpreting the increasing demand for information as we have today, is to see it as a need for writers more than ever before. A lot of businesses across several industries depend on an endless supply of content, majorly in the form of articles, to build awareness, engage their customers, and run digital marketing campaigns.

There's hardly any engaging social media content that does not include some kind of writing. The same goes for building great brands, which involves actively churning out great materials to your targeted audience. This is how content marketing finds relevance today. On the flip side of this reality, there's a growing need for professional writing services.

Do You Need Article Writing For Your Business?

A lot of times, marketing managers know what message needs to be passed but don’t always know the best way to communicate it. This is where the services of a professional article writer become important. Besides, marketing executives understand that marketing isn't just about running ads. Because, as soon as your ads campaigns expire, your reach dries up too.

So, that also creates the need for well-researched, high-quality articles that enhance their website's SEO metrics and increases sales leads and conversions. In other words, article writing isn't a nice-to-have, but a necessity for businesses.

For businesses that do not have the internal capacity to create content for effective web marketing strategy, the best option is to engage the services of either a freelancer who knows how to execute the task or a company that outsources writers to do the job. 

Whichever way this is done, the important thing remains the experience and expertise the writer brings on board, bearing in mind that a well-positioned article can give your SEO a massive boost and increase inbound traffic. 

Your business needs an article writer who is able to combine SEO knowledge and writing skills for creating engaging and informative content which also includes a powerful call to action or invokes some response or reaction from your target audience. 

That's how you organically generate leads and improve conversion rates. Ideas are great but if they are not communicated in the right words, the message arrives dead and non-effective.

Article Writing

An article in the context of writing is a piece of writing which is published in a magazine, journal, or on a web page. Articles are the best ways of converting information in the most detailed fashion. Think of articles as your audience's telescope to view your enterprise. It is the eyes through which they perceive your brand or story. 

Articles are however not restricted to blog posts and content marketing strategy. We also find extensive use of articles in news reports, magazines, journals, research papers, reviews, and instructional materials. 

Each article type has specific attributes that make it different. News articles for example are created to be informative, using reported speech and storytelling patterns to convey the message. Research papers are meant to be educative, highly technical in most cases, and use a lot of industry-specific jargons to pass information. 

Website content, being the focus of this piece, constitute another category of articles. They are written with only one thing in mind - sales. Whether it's a product review, landing page, blog post, guest post, brand offerings, email newsletter, FAQ, social media post, or sponsored ads, the main purpose is to build awareness and generate traffic for sales. 

No matter the type of article in question, some qualities must be present. 

  • It must be organized for easy reading
  • Must be engaging to keep the audience till the end
  • It must be informative, especially in educational or research writing.
  • The reader must be able to take something away. 
  • There has to be clarity
  • Ambiguous terms should be simplified
  • Ideas and thoughts ought to be organized sequentially in themes and 
  • Quoted sources must be cited
  • The tone should be suited for the purpose of the article
  • Your audience needs to be given priority.
  • What you're saying must be understandable
  • Good writing should provoke some response from the reader.

What To Expect From An Article Writing Service

  • Engaging articles. The content you get should be well-written and compelling. 
  • Search engine optimized articles.
  • The company should take your projects as seriously as you do
  • Highly responsive customer service
  • Long term relationship. Your audience may notice a change in tone or style after you change writers. It's sometimes difficult getting another writer with the same tone.

How To Choose The Right Article Writing Service

According to research, content can help your marketing strategy by improving your lead generation by 67% and 84% of prospective clients are more likely to interact with your brand through content.

However, as important as producing regular content for your website is, you may not have the expertise or time to sit and write excellent articles. This is understandable as most executives are focused more on strategy, structure, growth.

The most logical thing to do is outsource the job, especially if you consider it too much a financial strain to keep an internal content manager. Here are some of the best content marketing companies you can hire for your article writing task. 

There are multiple companies offering article writing services, some good, others average. Until your organization can afford a good writer, you might want to be careful to ensure you engage good hands for your website copies. Here are some tips that can guide you through the process. 

Do Some Research 

Get some insight into the industry. Find out the top or best players that are affordable. Usually, Google results may not tell you which is better as rankings do not exactly corroborate quality. 

So, make a list of the best and find out if their services suit your needs. Check out reviews on social media or forums such as Quora. In simple terms, try to be sure that the article writing service you want to engage is reputable and will deliver before hiring them.

Find Out Which Company Fits Your Budget

Cost is essential. Remember, the essence of article writing is for content marketing. So, it means part of your marketing budget is what goes into funding article writing service and creating compelling content. 

It is natural to look out for cheap services but you should be wary of prices that offer qualities that are too good to be true. A good way to ascertain their quality is to do a little background check. See if they've worked for clients at such rates before. 

Ask for samples and writing guides. From the samples and writing guide, you'll see the style and quality of their works, and will most likely be able to tell if they're worth the try or not. 

Find Out Their Editing Or Revision Policy

This is important to ensure that the articles you get portray your messages in the best way possible. Ideally, your article writing service should give you at least one or two rounds of free editing. 

There are some which will only revisit a completed task once. Others may charge a premium for a limitless number of edits. The bottom line here is making sure that you get the best at an affordable price. 

Are They SEO Inclined?

Your blog posts should earn you organic positioning on search engine result pages (SERPs). Employing a writer who will do justice to this is more like doing business a massive good. In the end, you will spend less on paid ads. In fact, you may not even need paid ads anymore. A reputable article writing company ought to be able to take your key messages and put them in front of the customers. This is how you generate leads and conversions. 

To improve your organic ranking, the articles must contain relevant and quality content. Related Google queries should be able to find your website on the first page. But most importantly, the content must be informative and useful to visitors. 

In some cases, you may want to post on other higher authority websites and build backlinks to your site. There's also the opportunity to join an affiliate network. Before you do, you must have something to deliver to the audience. 

Communication Is Crucial

This is another aspect of great importance. How soon do they respond to inquiries? How willing are they to revisit a task? What's their CX ratings? and so on. Communication should be prompt. This is why reviews are necessary. You want to seriously avoid a company or writer who might ghost off on you when things get a bit edgy. 

Bottom Line

Article writing is an indispensable asset to include in your content strategy. Digital marketing campaigns depend primarily on quality content. The only way customers and visitors get to know your business and interact with you is via your content. 

You cannot downplay the importance of content. Therefore, it is a necessity to invest in creating effective and engaging articles for your website. Beginning from your landing page, visitors to your site would already be able to know if you are the right organization to do business with. Everywhere!

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