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12 Easy Ways to Get More Real Instagram Followers

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. In recent times, it has become a viable marketing tool for brands to reach their growing audience. 

With the right strategy, Instagram can improve your brand’s visibility and solidify your business. But you can only get the best from Instagram if you have a large number of followers. 

Unlike in the past, growing followers on Instagram isn’t easy anymore. Almost everybody has realized the marketing potential of the platform and are striving to grow followers. 

Even though the platform is about a decade old, it already has over one billion active monthly viewers. 

Instagram is not just for viewing pictures anymore. People now visit the platform to learn about brands and possibly make purchases. That’s why every brand needs to have an active presence on the platform. 

Generally, it takes a blend of creative strategy, compelling content, and consistency to have high visibility on Instagram. In this article, I will share with you how to get more real followers on Instagram. 

Strategic Ways To Get More Real Followers On Instagram

#1. Stay Relevant

One of the easiest ways to attract more real followers on Instagram is to stay relevant. Nobody will notice you on the platform if you decide to not post interesting relevant content.  

So, participate in popular hashtags and remain trending. Popular hashtags are always trending, and you can quickly draw attention to your Instagram account by paying attention to them. 

Always research both short and long tails universally trending hashtags with relevant keywords. Incorporate the hashtags on your Instagram account and get an influx of real new followers to your account. 

#2. Buy Real Followers

Buying real followers is another strategic way to grow your Instagram account, especially if you just get started on the Instagram app. 

Generally, most celebrities, politicians, and small business brands on Instagram usually buy real followers. It’s a strategic look like an authority brand on the platform, thus attracting new followers. 

Ordinarily, most people won’t want to follow a brand with a few followers. But if you buy some real followers, other people may want to follow the account. 

Again, you must be very careful when buying followers on Instagram. There are several fake offerings in the marketplace that will deliver inactive followers.

It won’t make any difference if you have thousands of followers on Instagram without real engagement. That’s why you should try to get active followers. 

So, before you buy real Instagram followers, research about the merchant you are buying for. And see what people are saying about them online. 

Here is the ranking and reviews of some of the best Social Media Marketing Companies you can contact to help you get more real followers on Instagram.

#3. Use Hashtags Creatively

Never underestimate the power of using your hashtags creatively. It attracts like-minded users to follow your account. 

When you use hashtags properly on Instagram, more people tend to see your content. Again, you don’t need to put 20 hashtags in every post. Instead, study your competitors and top influencers in your niche to find the best hashtag. 

However, whichever way you are using your hashtags, ensure that they are relevant to your brand. Otherwise, you may end up attracting the wrong audience. 

Like I mentioned earlier, Instagram is a bit competitive these days. And it takes creativity to make your account unique and worth following. 

Most brands on Instagram with hundreds of thousands of followers have one thing in common - the ability to showcase their sense of humor and Instagram marketing intelligence via the use of creative hashtags. 

There are no two ways about it - audiences on Instagram tend to judge your followability on the platform based on your creative use of hashtags. So, make it worth a while. 

#4. Write Descriptive Captures

Pictures and videos are the building blocks of Instagram. And writing a descriptive capture is what makes your Instagram story unique. 

Instagram photos without captures don’t tell a story. Your Instagram audiences will see them as a random snapshot of your business. But when you write creative captures in every photo, you are telling a story about your brand. 

Depending on what you are posting, your photos’ captures can either be long or short. However, the captures should describe the true meaning behind every photo you post on Instagram. That’s how you tell your brand story. 

It doesn’t matter whether your captures are lengthy or short. They should exude creativity and clarity. 

#5. Keep Your Bio Flexible 

People on Instagram quickly identify your profile through your bio and URL. So, you tend to attract more followers when you always change your bio to reflect your current status or life events. 

Changing your bio regularly makes your profile fun and puts you at the top of Instagram algorithms. This will naturally attract more real followers to your profile. 

From experience, people tend to get bored easily when you have a static profile. But they tend to be more interested in your activities if you continuously change your bio. It shows that you are flexible, and people always want to follow a flexible brand. 

#6. Take Advantage of Influencer Marketing

Influencers on Instagram usually have a very large following. And if you can get their support, their followers will naturally follow you on Instagram. 

Typically, Influencers and bloggers in your niche have the attention of millions of people who could be your followers. All you need to do is to interact with them regularly and turn on their notifications so that you know when they share content. 

When interacting with influencers in your niche, try to be personable, and bring your best self. It’s a natural way to build a relationship with your influencers. 

However, if you have the budget, you can hire some of the best Influencer Marketing Companies to help attract industry's specific audience to your profile. 

#7. Post Exceptional Instagram Contents

If you consistently post unique and exceptional Instagram content, you tend to get more real followers. If you are creative with your content, you can easily attract your industry audience and make it to the top. 

However, never copy anybody’s content; it makes you look like a mediocre on Instagram. It also limits your ability to achieve the success you desire. 

As a rule, try to be strategic with your content by developing unique visual and content production styles that your followers can associate with your brand. 

Even though you have a large following on Instagram, you are likely to lose them without great content to engage them. 

#8. Get Rid of Unwanted Tagged Photos

Instagram has so many unique features that give you control of the app. For instance, you can use the edit tag button on your profile to get rid of unwanted tagged photos you don’t want to spread around. 

If you don’t want to delete the photos, you can hide them from your profile. You can easily check the performance of the photos you uploaded by using the built-in Instagram to view the photos’ impression and engagement. If the stats aren’t good, you can get rid of the photos or hide them from your profile. 

Interestingly, there are several effective Social Media Management Tools you can use to get rid of unwanted tagged photos from your Instagram profile. 

#9. Only Post the Contents Your Followers Want

One of the easiest ways to get more real followers on Instagram is to post content that your followers want consistently. If you are smart with your content preference, your Instagram account will grow faster than you expected. 

Generally, some contents perform better than others on Instagram. So, it’s left for you to run a quick content test to know your audience's needs. 

Again, you need to figure out the Instagram content strategy that works better for you. It could be filters, captions, the types of contents you post, and even the posting time. Take note of these little details; they could make a great difference. 

It will also be helpful if you are current about new Instagram trends. If you know the trend on Instagram, you can post content along that direction.

 If you have the resources, you can invest in Instagram analytics tools. They make it easier to track and analyze Instagram contents across accounts. 

#10. Get the Conversation Started

The more conversations you have with your existing followers, the more exposed your brand will be. So, try to respond to as many questions or comments as possible. It could help you get new followers and improve your relationship with your audience. 

When you have more conversations around your feeds, you tend to grow new followers. So, appreciate your followers and don’t hesitate to respond whenever they comment. 

#11. Make Your Instagram Followers Happy

Always tailor your content towards making your followers happy. Once your audience is always happy with your post, you will see the result in growth. As a rule, don’t seem needy, sales-driven, or robotic. 

Try always to manage your Instagram account with good intentions and interact with your followers as if they were your friends. This approach will help you increase your reach on the platform. 

#12. Be Consistent

Consistency is an important factor for growing your Instagram followers. You must interact with your followers regularly and try to blow their minds with something new. That’s the only way your brand will get noticed online. 

Even if you are creative with your hashtags and write amazing content, you can’t achieve the expected results without consistency. Everywhere!

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