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Digital Marketing Stats: The Good, the Bad, and the Intriguing

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is indispensable in today's business world. Irrespective of the approach you are using to drive sales and create awareness for your brand, you can't get the complete result without addressing digital marketing channels. 

Who would have thought digital marketing could be this popular and competitive ten years ago? It was like a wild-west frontier. And many people were approaching it wrongly, yet they still got results. 

However, in recent times, digital marketers are more strategic. They use a blend of different digital channels to achieve their goal. Unlike in the past, brands can focus on social media marketing, SEO, and other digital channels to create awareness and expand their reach. 

Furthermore, they have access to statistical information that guides them when creating a digital marketing strategy. 

In this article, I will show you some of the best digital marketing statistics of all time, including the good, the bad, and the intriguing... 

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Good Digital Marketing Statistics Every Marketer Should Learn From


One of the cases for digital marketing is that it's cost-effective. It's the only marketing strategy that you spend less to implement and get a higher return on investment. 

When you use the blend of Facebook ads, Instagram campaigns, and SEO to get your audience's attention, you are more likely to achieve the expected result. This assertion is supported by the 2015 digital marketing statistics by Hubspot marketing. 

According to the report, content marketing in 2015 generates three times (300% increment) as many leads as traditional outbound marketing. But the most exciting part of it all is that it costs 62% less to get expected results from content marketing. 

Content Creation

Creation and management of content take the second-largest share of digital marketing budget. While every aspect of digital marketing is essential, creating high-quality content requires more attention. 

Brands that continuously engage their audience on social networks, customer-driven forums, blogs, and videos tend to expand their reach and create awareness easily. 

The amount of money brands and marketers spend on content creation is an indication that it's one of the most effective digital marketing strategies. When done correctly, your content could help attract the right audience to your website. 

Again, customers these days use digital channels to collaborate, research, and possibly purchase their products. This is why marketers are creating thought-provoking articles that will help them stay competitive across different channels. 

Once you have a dynamic content creation strategy, you can always develop engaging posts and articles to inspire your customers. There's no better way to interact with your audience than creating great content. 

Talking of great content, here are some of the best content marketing companies you can work with to produce great content. 

Advertising Budget Suffers In Favor of Digital Marketing 

Some years back, advertising used to be a major marketing strategy companies adopted to sell their products and create awareness. But the emergence of digital marketing and several social media platforms have shifted attention from advertising. 

There's a major paradigm shift from the traditional marketing method (advertising) to digital channels. That's why 28% of marketers reduced their advertising budget to increase their digital marketing budget. 

The decision to reduce the advertising budget in favor of digital marketing is due to its effectiveness and potential to give a higher return on investment (ROI). 

From these statistics, you should spend more on digital marketing because of its possibility of achieving the expected result faster.

Most Top Performing Brands are Shifting Towards Using Marketing Automation 

Marketing automation is the use of technology/software to manage marketing processes and multiple campaigns across several channels automatically. It enables you to send automated messages to a target audience across email, web, social media, and text. 

Since the demand for high-quality content increases daily, managing marketing efforts manually is becoming almost impossible. However, when you automate your marketing process, you can constantly contact your customer and meet their needs through personalized content. 

With this approach, you can easily centralize your email marketing, web analytics, creation of landing page, list management, segmentation, etc. Furthermore, marketing automation enables you to create a deeper alignment between your marketing and sales activities. More importantly, it will help you to measure your performance accountability. 

Due to the endless benefits of marketing automation, about 84% of top-performing brands started using it since 2015. 

If you want to delve into marketing automation, here are some of the best enterprise marketing automation software to choose from. 

More B2B Brands are Adopting Video as a Prefered Content Marketing Tactics 

Video marketing is becoming a popular trend among B2B brands. Most companies are using YouTube to spread awareness about their products and services. 

According to statistics, 73% of B2B marketers are using videos as their content marketing strategy. Similarly, 7% of marketers increased their YouTube marketing activities by 2015. And 71% of companies who were using digital marketing in 2015 increased their budget due to its effectiveness. 

78% of Companies Had Dedicated Social Media Team in 2015

Social media channels are gradually shifting from being social platforms to becoming marketing platforms(it's my opinion). Unlike in the past, more brands are dedicating resources (financial and manpower) to set up a proactive social media team. 

Social media marketing could be a game-changing strategy for your business when used correctly. For instance, most people these days go to platforms like Instagram to carry out product research and possibly make purchases.  

If you can create emotionally appealing and engaging content across social media channels, you can easily attract the right audience. That's why 78% of companies set up a dedicated social media team in 2015. 

Bad Digital Marketing Statistics Every Marketer Should Learn From

Data Controversy 

There are a lot of conflicting statistics about digital marketing related data. For instance, 62% of brands are strongly against the statement, "we have the analysts we need to make sense of our data." Similarly, 63% strongly disagree with the statement, "we have a good infrastructure to collect the data we need."

Inability to Measure Returns on Mobile Ad Spend 

One of the challenges brands face when managing mobile ads is the ability to measure performance. And it's a bit challenging if you can't measure your ads performance. 

Several brands had this experience in 2015. In fact, about 70% of marketers in 2015 weren't confident in their ability to measure the return on mobile ad spends. 

Customers' Thought about Online Shopping Sites

Online shopping has become a global trend. According to a March 2020 report by Geekwire, 42 percent of the US population shop their groceries online at least once in a week. This is a significant increment from the 22% recorded for 2 years. This statistic is a serious indication of a mindset shift. 

In a 2015 study, 52% of Americans think that most online shopping sites need improvement. Also, 79% of Brazilians and 87% of Chinese think the same. 

Bad Experience with Social Media Marketing 

Social media marketing is an important aspect of digital marketing. B2B companies leverage it to expand their reach across different digital channels.

But getting the right experts to handle your social media marketing activities sometimes can be challenging. And if you hire the wrong people to manage your social media marketing strategy, it could be counterproductive. 

Most people who hire the service of social media marketers have had one bad experience or another. This is confirmed in a 2015 digital marketing statistics, in which 83% of businesses reported having had a bad experience with social media marketing. 

B2B Marketers' Preferred Social Networks 

B2B marketers prefer carrying out their campaigns on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. A digital marketing study revealed that 91% of B2B marketers prefer using LinkedIn as a preferred social network, 85% preferred Twitter, and 81% preferred Facebook. 

However, 62% of marketers believed that LinkedIn is effective, 50% affirmed the effectiveness of Twitter, while 30% chose Facebook as their most preferred social networks. 

Email Marketing 

Email marketing is an inexpensive way to continually reach out to your audience with the latest information about your products and services. 

While most brands have recorded tremendous success from their email marketing campaigns, others aren't getting reasonable results from it. 

However, a 2015 statistics showed that 91% of people willingly unsubscribed from a company's email list they previously signed up for. Even though email marketing is rated as having the highest ROI of all the digital marketing techniques, only 8% of companies have a dedicated team of email marketers. 

Intriguing Digital Marketing Statistics to Learn From 

Not Every Queries Submitted Have Been Seen Or Heard By Google 

No doubt, the Google search engine is super intelligent and powerful. But if you think it's all-knowing, think again because it's not. 

Statistics show that 15% of queries submitted every day are strange and never been heard by Google before. 

In an attempt to solve the problem of battling with previously unheard and unread queries every day, Google crawls over 20 billion websites every day. The essence is to search for new data that it can turn into results. 

Most Internet Activities in the US originate from Mobile Devices. 

Most internet activities in the United States originate from mobile devices. In 2015, 60% of all internet activities in the United States originated from mobile devices. And about 50% of internet traffic flows through mobile devices. 


Digital marketers need to familiarize themselves with the latest statistics in their niche. It will enable them to know the strategies currently working and pinpoint some of the things they are doing wrongly. Everywhere!

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