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11 Unusual Social Media Tips to Boost Clicks and Conversions

Have you thought about leveraging social media to boost your conversions and sales? If not, chances are, you are missing out on a great opportunity, especially if your business is not yet present on social media. 

This article will open your understanding to some practical things you need to know to maximize your social media presence for business success.

According to a 2019 report by The Next Web, there are now 3.48 billion social media users around the globe. That’s close to half of the world's population today. This statistic is a strong pointer to the fact that there are benefits waiting to be tapped from social media. 

Without a doubt, social media engagement does not only give your business more visibility, it has the potential to bring in more sales than any other calculated marketing campaign, if well managed. 

Businesses invest so much money on ads but pay very little attention to conversion rate optimization. The problem seemed not to be about reaching the prospective customers, but rather, it is about how to convert these prospects to actual customers after they interact with your website. 

Social media optimization, being a crucial aspect of digital marketing efforts, is a good way to achieve this. But many businesses do not know how to convert their brand`s social media audience to active customers. Worst still, some are yet to even recognize that the opportunity exists. 

So, this is 2020; I bet you must now be asking; “How do I take advantage of the many benefits that social media has to provide?” It is good you are here. Here are some essential tips you need to convert your followers to customers.

Create Custom-Formatted Tweets

Apparently, your tweets will amount to just a tiny and insignificant piece among the myriad of tweets on twitter. So, how do you make your tweets stand out among others? You embellish it. 

Use unique fonts and colors, add rich text formatting, and use emoji. You only have 140 characters to do a lot but you can only do so much with that. The essence of this extra perks is to draw attention to your tweets and ensure your tweets don’t get lost in an endless stream of live feeds. Don`t forget to keep the tweets catchy and informative.

If you don’t have the time or skill to create custom-formatted tweets, you can hire one of the best Twitter advertising companies online. They can get your brand the right attention on Twitter. 

Promote Your Content Strategically On Each Platform

Your business is most likely competing with many other similar businesses on social media, which means your voice is just one of many like it. So, you have to be strategic with your content. 

Break away from the norm and create unique content. You want to incorporate more creativity and tact to your style. Don’t forget to include links to where you want them to go, preferably at the beginning of your posts.

It is advisable to adapt your tone and message format to the dynamics of each platform. For example, the kind of content that will generate lots of engagements on Instagram may not fare well on LinkedIn. So, your posts ought to be tailored to engage the audience of each social media platform. 

Depending on your budget, you can hire a top-notch social media marketing company to help you promote your contents strategically across platforms. It may cost you a little, but the result will be amazing. 

Insert Embedded Call To Actions

Add some spice to spice to your call-to-action (CTA). Most posts on Facebook and Instagram do not incorporate the best CTA and that's where yours ought to make the difference. Your social media conversion rates depend precisely on the number of followers who click your CTA after reading your posts. Your audience or readers become customers once you are able to bring them over to your site.

On the order hand, your CTA buttons should be enhanced to drive clicks and traffic. You must optimize the color, shape, size, and message of your CTA buttons as they play vital roles in increasing your conversion rates. 

Take Advantage of Influencer Marketing

A study showed that about 95% of consumers would trust recommendations from other social media users over a brand. The benefits here are obvious. You can drive more traffic to your page and achieve more conversions by leveraging the influence of social media users who have stronger followership than yours.

You can tap into their influence to improve your conversion rates. Besides, some of the best influencer marketing companies are not expensive. If you engage a couple of them, in no time, the number of engagements and visits you get will rise. 

Market Across Many Social Platforms

Another method to apply is increasing your activity across different social media platforms and getting your followers to rally at each of them. Get your LinkedIn followers to like your Facebook page and get your Instagram fans to follow you on Twitter, vice versa.

 A lot of times, these people would go out of their way to promote your page or share your post. What's most important is staying in their minds. 

A very strong marketing strategy is being able to establish a strong presence in the minds of your audience such that they easily remember your brand among many others. You only get to achieve that by being active on social media with engaging content. 

Sometimes, the task of staying active on social media can be overwhelming. You may need the help of a social media marketing expert or a content marketing guru to get this done. 

Be Weird A Little

It is all right to play safe for the sake of your brand’s image and reputation but it doesn’t always guarantee anything. You can come out of your shell, do something extraordinary; something unexpected. 

Create a buzz, get people to laugh, share, and admire your creativity. Make use of pictures, infographics, videos, and anything else that`s engaging.

Tap Into The Power Of User-generated Content

Sharing the experience of customers who have patronized your business in the past is a great way to increase engagements and improve your ROI. New customers often believe your authenticity after seeing the testimonials or experiences of other customers.

But be sure to get the permission of the customers before sharing their photos or videos on your handle, and don`t forget to tag them too.

Organize Social Media Contests And Promotions

You can occasionally run social media contests and giveaways or promotions. People are always excited about this sort of opportunity. However, it's important to map out what you want to achieve from it. 

You may want to increase visits to your website landing page or just get more followers on social media. This should inform how you design the contest or promotion, for example, interested participants may be requested to like and share a particular post to qualify. You may require them to visit your page or something else.

Facilitate Meaningful Connections

A good way to keep your brand on the hearts of your customer is by getting them to build relationships among themselves. When you identify like-minded people among your followers, encourage them to meet and interact with each other. If your brand is perceived with trust by your customers, this should be easy. If they offer any beneficial services or products, you can cross-sell them to each other. 

On one hand, you are building relationships and collaborations while on the other, you are solidifying your presence as a great brand. People will always remember how a relationship started, and if you were part of that process, chances are you will continue to get recommendations from them.

Create Positive Buzz On Social Media

Social media is all about activities and buzz moments. You can put a positive spin on things by saying something uplifting or emotional about things that people care about. 

You may join your voice to trending topics and say something impactful, but do not take sides in a fight. Don`t forget to use hashtags. It's important to tag as many reasonable groups or personalities as possible. 

Another smart way of getting this done is by making meaningful comments on select posts or sharing the posts of reputable social media accounts. The idea behind this is to tell customers and followers that there's a human face to your brand. People easily connect to emotional things, and will most likely notice you.

Use Analytics Tool To Track Your Performance

It is not enough to be active on social media, you need to also understand how you are performing on these sites. Optimizing social media for sales leads and conversions goes beyond just posting and waiting for clicks on your links. 

Tracking your performance across these platforms will give you an insight into how you are performing and what needs to be corrected and improved on. Google Analytics is a perfect tool for monitoring your social media performance. This will help you maximize returns on investments.

Social media offers a great opportunity to boost your clicks and grow conversion rates, but it requires some work to achieve. A very good understanding of your target audience is usually a great way to start. There are many more ways to get this done. It is most important to stick to what works best for you. Everywhere!

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