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How Video Marketing has Become Trendy

How many times have you visited a landing page that introduces you to a video tour? I’m sure more times than you can count.

Statistics have it that conversion rate on landing pages has grown 80% as a result of incorporating introductory and explainer videos on landing pages. More than ever, we`ve seen increased use of videos as marketing tools in the arsenal of most businesses and digital marketers.  

Unlike articles, videos are more enjoyable, and often more entertaining to website visitors, thereby making videos a more appealing choice in most cases for people searching for information on a product or brand.

As marketing continues to assume different forms and deploying new strategies, market researchers have proposed that video marketing is a great strategy to adopt when getting the word out about your brand. Although it requires more effort and commitment than the conventional use of articles, it has been shown to have a more significant impact on conversion rates, making it worth the effort. 

Among the latest marketing trends that have graced the industry over the past decade, video marketing is one of those that have come to stay for good. In accordance with earlier market predictions, a video has risen in the ranks to become a top medium of choice for distributing content and increasing online engagement. 

According to a report by Forbes, 65% of executives visited a marketer’s website, and 39% called a vendor after viewing a video. Also, 70% of consumers say that they have shared a brand’s video, according to Wyzowl. You`ll find several reasons why this is so in the subsequent paragraphs of this article. 

As a marketer or content creator, if you’ve yet to tap into the benefits of videos for driving engagements, I suggest you consider the below points.

Why Video Marketing Is Now So Important

The world has witnessed an evolution in marketing trends from traditional television commercials to YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and others. About 75 million people in the U.S watch videos online every day, and it is estimated that by 2019, internet video traffic will account for 80% of internet traffic arising from consumer search. 

Videos today can be used in blog articles, product explainer videos, virtual meetings as in Facebook live and Instagram live, webinars, educational contents, and landing pages. 

Here are some reasons why video marketing will become an indispensable tool from 2019 and beyond.

They Embellish the Presentation of Products and Services

Videos are fast becoming more than just an option for both small and large organizations. It has instead grown to be a necessity in building products for consumers. The presentation of products and services is much more appealing in videos than the traditional textual method. 

Explainer videos that describe a product, service, or brand are the trend now. More so, it has been shown to increase engagement and conversions. 

With some of the best Explainer Video Agencies online, it's easier to create a top notch video that excellently describes your products or services.

While videos do not exactly replace texts, it is obviously more comfortable to watch tutorials and videos that explain a product offering than reading an article that explains the same thing. 

Some videos even use fewer words because what texts would have done in helping the consumer visualize a product, an explainer video would do easier and better by using pictures and videos.

There Will Be More Training and Education Videos

A simple test to prove this is to ask yourself how many times you`ve gone online to search for tutorials or videos that teach something. 

Yes, not just you, but millions of people worldwide are scouting the internet for tutorial content. Fortunately, this is a trend that will continue to grow in the coming years. 

Think of Masterclass, Webinars, Skillshare, and YouTube Tutorials – the space is large and continues to expand. Like Udemy, EDX, Coursera already has loads of content on courses that millions of people are interested in enrolling in. 

When it comes to the educational space, videos provide students or learners with an experience that is as close to real-life as possible, unlike texts would, therefore making videos an important training tool. 

You`ll also find that consumers will more readily opt for purchasing products that come with tutorial guides for installation and use than others that do not have videos. So, video marketing isn`t just another marketing strategy, but a game-changer in the advertising industry. 

Videos Are Getting More Search-Friendly

It`s a fact - videos will be easily searchable in the coming years than ever before. Just as consumers and websites have tilted more favorably towards videos, search engines have also updated their algorithms to make videos more visible. 

Most Google searches today will give you results that include videos on the first page. In fact, some search engine result pages begin with YouTube videos. Google recently announced the addition of video previews to the video carousels that appear in search results.  

They intend to use AI to identify snippets of search queries related to video content and have this autoplay on search results pages. 

This development consequently nudges marketers to create video content with a description that optimizes SEO.

You can check this resource that ranks and reviews the best Video SEO Companies, if you are looking to hire a professional to help you make your video more search friendly. 

Video Marketing Will Optimize the ROI of Marketing Campaigns

In light of the benefits described above, video marketing will have a very positive impact on the ROI of e-commerce companies. Marketing with video content can increase sales leads and conversions, which is what any marketing strategy is designed for. 

In fact, according to a study by Wyzowl, 8 out of 10 companies (83%) declared that the return on their video marketing campaigns is quite encouraging. 

On the other hand, professionals have increased in number in the video marketing industry. This means that there’s professional help available for creating video contents that are optimized for search engines. 

People Will Spend More Minutes A Day Watching Online Videos

According to surveys on the habit of internet users, it was discovered that more and more people are spending more time watching videos online every day. As more consumers spend more time online, marketers are equally scaling up their marketing focus on videos.

 In 2019, it's estimated that people spend up to 84 minutes online every day. This is an exciting development. Getting your products in front of consumers and potential clients has never been easier. 

Owing to this fact, marketers will be increasing their efforts to leverage digitization and improve sales in the coming years. In 2021, it is estimated that the average person will spend 100 minutes every day watching online videos. 

Hence, the opportunity is somewhat golden when you think of video marketing in this age.

Video Increases Brand Awareness

The versatility of videos is one primary reason they have grown in popularity over the years and promises more benefits in the coming years.

 Videos can be used for various purposes ranging from motivational contents and podcasts to entertainment, sports, and product campaigns

Videos can be an essential tool when it comes to building brand awareness. There's also the possibility of creating compelling stories around the products or brands in question such that it will capture the audience's attention. 

The existence of platforms like Facebook and Instagram have made sharing videos easier than ever. According to Wyzwol, 72% of consumers have shared videos of other brands that they find engaging or worth sharing. 

Without having to spend extra dollars to get people to publicize your brand, a simple video with engaging content can go viral and do the job for you. Compared to other strategies for marketing, none other has the potential to reach this far.

Videos Improve SEO 

As earlier mentioned, the use of video as a marketing tool or website content is capable of making your site rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). 

Since the algorithms of search engines now recognize video content with a priority on SERPs, it is then even more logical to include related videos on your website to increase organic positioning on search engines.

According to a study on explainer videos, it was found that a web page with at least one video is 53 times more likely to rank at the top of SERPs, unlike those that do not contain any video. That's massive if you think about it. 

Perhaps, it seems like an exaggeration too, but it very much reveals the value of videos as a strong marketing tool.

 In fact, if the blog or website includes a YouTube video with an SEO-friendly snippet, you can be more confident that the site will appear top of any relevant search result. That's how important video marketing has become.

Interestingly, that gives us a rich insight into what the future holds for videos in online marketing.

However, content is key in video marketing. You need to consistently create high quality video to remain relevant and attract more audience. Here's a review of some of the best content marketing companies that can help you create great video contents.

Bottom Line

Regardless of the area of interest you are invested in, so long as your online presence is dependent on content, which is, if the case, you'll need to jump on the train and join the trend. 

Online shopping malls, large corporations, marketing executives, and bloggers have tapped into the benefit of video marketing. The time is now because the future holds more. Everywhere!

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