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5 Reasons Why Content is King

Is content king? No, it's not just king but also the kingdom itself. Within the last few years, content has dominated the internet, and the success of every website to an extent now depends on quality content. 

All the websites you see on Google's first page have one thing in common. They all offer top-notch content that not only meets users' demands but also optimized for search engines. 

These days, brands are working tirelessly to reach their customers in the most creative way they can. But creating great content in different forms is one of the easiest ways to grab people's attention on the internet these days. 

Again, some of the most successful companies in the world don't create content equally. They use a blend of different content strategies to communicate with their target audience. 

For instance, some brands focus on creating high-value visuals on social media platforms like Instagram. And others may want to share epic blog posts on their websites or guest post on authority websites like Forbes, Topseos, etc. Here's why creating video content is essential for your business.

Similarly, some companies prefer reaching their target audience via live video streams or podcasts. Whichever form you are sending your content, the most important thing is that it helps you to interact with your current and potential customers. 

The good thing about creating high-quality and value-added content is that it's capable of turning your potential customers into great fans. And possibly make you an authority in your niche. 

For instance, content creators like Neil Patel, Backlinko, etc. are an authority in the SEO niche. They have a large fan base who rely on them for product advice. 

What Are The Elements That Make a Great Content Great?

The easiest way to become an authority in your niche is to create high-quality and valuable content continually. But the multi-million dollar question is, "how do you create great content"?

Don't worry; I'm about to share some of the elements that make most content great. 

#1. Create Original Content 

If you want to be outstanding in your niche, always focus on creating original content. Search engines and your website visitors love it when you are constantly producing unique and plagiarism free content. 

There are several brands out there who have a reputation for always copying people's content. Don't be like them because Google still has a way of dealing with websites that aren't posting original content. 

Need further clarification? Let me ask you a quick question. When last did you see ezine articles in Google top ranking? They were ranking top of Google in almost every topic in the past. Weren't there?

But they were casualties of Google algorithm updates tailored towards sending lousy content to the bottomless pit of Google. And that was the last time anybody saw ezine articles on Google top ranking. 

If writing great content isn't your thing, here are some of the best content marketing companies to work with. 

#2. Create Headlines that Inspire Curiosity

Your content's headline is as important as the content itself. Sadly, most content creators give little or no attention to this area. 

There are several great articles out there that aren't getting the audience's attention on the internet due to poor headlines. 

If you want your content always to grab people's attention at all times, make the headlines irresistible. Also, ensure that they spark interest and make anyone who comes across them curious to read. 

According to recent statistics from Copyblogger, 80% of people who come across your content on the internet will always read your headlines. But it's only 20% that will read the complete content… 

You see, I wasn't kidding when I earlier said your headline is as important as the article itself. 

So, I strongly advise that you spend time coming up with an irresistible headline that will make people want to read the rest of the content. 

I know it's not going to be easy. But the possibility of content going viral depends on the headline. And it can make or mar the greatness of your content. 

Here's a resource that will guide you to come up with over 50 topic ideas in 30 minutes.

#3. Ensure that Your Content is Actionable 

For every topic users search for online, there are thousands (if not millions) content available. But some of these articles aren't actionable. 

Ensure that every article you write doesn't just give information to your audience. But also guide them on how to apply the information from the article immediately. That's what differentiates great posts from every other article.

A valuable content goes extra miles to give readers how to apply the knowledge and achieve expected results. 

Let me ask you a quick question - why do you think most people search for information? It's not because they don't know it, but they want to learn how to apply it. 

Have you ever imagined why people like reading non-fiction? It's because they want to learn and become better. So, focus your article on this. 

#4. Your Content Should Provide Answers or Solution 

For every term or keyword users search on Google, they are either looking for answers or solutions to a problem. And, it's the search engine's responsibility to provide them with such answers or solutions. 

So, ensure that your blogs always provide great answers to your readers. Again, your content should be easy to read. 

#5. Ensure Your Information Source is Accurate 

Try to double-check every fact you report on your website. Nothing damages a blog or websites' reputation faster than posting inaccurate information or statistics. If you aren't sure of anything, you shouldn't post it. 

Don't forget that your website is an ambassador of your company. So, posting inaccurate information on it could affect how people view your products, services, and your company as a brand itself. 

Here are three crucial things you should always do regarding the accuracy of your information source; 

  • Ensure you report information and facts from authoritative websites that people trust.
  • People tend to trust your content better when you back up your writing with facts from multiple sources.
  • When you link your article to other sources, search engines can quickly figure out your content and help you categorize it accordingly. 

#6. Ensure Your Articles are Engaging and Thought Provocative 

One of the greatest assets of a blogger or website owner is when you have an engaging audience. They take all your advice seriously and share your posts across different channels. 

But how do you build an engaging audience? It's simple, make all your posts engaging and thought-provocative. 

The truth is how engaged your audience depends on what you write. 

5 Reasons Why Content is King

#1. Content is the Foundation for Optimizing Your Website for SEO

There's no way Google and other search engines can rank your website if there's no content. So, when you regularly post unique, original, and high-quality content that triggers engagement and shares, your website will rank high on Google search result over time. 

High-quality content will always be at the heart of every SEO strategy you want to implement for your website. And when you constantly create useful articles, your website will be seen as an authority, and you can create a great backlink profile. 

#2. Content Encourages Engagement

If you constantly create high-quality articles on your website, users will directly or indirectly engage with your brand. 

Have you ever come across a lengthy content that's so engaging and educative that you took time to read it (irrespective of the length)? Well, that's what happens to your users when you create great posts on your website. 

They will spend their time to consume the content, understand your message, drop a comment, and possibly share on social media platforms. 

#3. Generate New Leads and Sales

If you are running a business in a saturated and competitive niche, good content is the easiest way to create awareness for your brand. And when more people are exposed to your brand, you tend to get new leads and sales. 

And one thing with good content is that they are less salesy. It enables your target audience to genuinely engage with your brand without an avalanche of sales messages.

From experience, nothing affects consumers' relationships with a brand faster than creating too many product-oriented articles.

But if you focus on educating and entertaining them with great content, they can easily become an advocate of your brand. 

#4. Add Value to Your Products or Services

When you create great content that solves a problem in your audience's everyday life or teach them something new, you have indirectly added value to your products or services. 

Of course, the value may be intangible without direct monetary value. But it's important for your business model and how your customers see your brand. 

Ideally, if you want your content to add value to your products or services, you should focus on creating "how-to blog posts, instructional videos, and webinars. 

#5. Increase Traffic 

Creating great content isn't all about SEO. But the overall goal is to drive industry-specific organic visitors to your website and keep the audience on your website longer. 

If your website doesn't have pools of articles available for visitors to read, it tends to receive a higher bounce rate, limited page views, and little or no engagement. This is definitely not a good ranking indication for your website. 


From what you have read so far, what do you think? Don't you think content is underhyped? When you constantly create great content, you will become an authority in your niche in no time. So, it's time to revisit your content strategy… Everywhere!

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