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Apr 19, 2012 2nd Annual Reputation Management Excellence- Melbourne Australia
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Apr 19, 2012



Apr 20, 2012


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2nd Annual Reputation Management Excellence forum gives you the opportunity to examine your current reputation management strategy through the sharing of insightful yet practical lessons learned and success stories to further strengthen your reputation strategy. By attending this premier conference you will gain useful insights into proactive issues management, on-going reputation management and reputation rebuilding especially in the emerging social media era.

Key features
• Establishing proactive issue management for early detection and prevention of crisis
• Building and maintaining positive public and corporate image even during challenging time
• Improving employees engagement and employer branding for effective reputation management
• Exploring and mastering community and government relations to enhance overall organisational reputation
• Managing and understanding the perspectives and impact of social media on reputation management  
• Constructing strategic post-crisis reputation rebuilding and recovery

Key topics
• Proactive and on-going reputation management to  mitigate issues turning into crises and further strengthen your resilience to all reputation risks
• Reputation management in a challenging time to sustain positive reputation in volatile economic climate and capitalise on good reputation
• Mastering employee engagement, government relations and community relations to strengthen internal/external stakeholders relations for maintaining good reputation during crisis
• Managing and understanding the impact of social media to enhance customer relations and reputation on social media platforms where customers have increasing power to make or break your brand name and public image
• Post-crisis reputation re-building strategy to restore trust of all stakeholders and revive your corporate image

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