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Dec 02, 2011 3rd Annual Cloud Computing Summit 2011 Andhra Pradesh, India
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Dec 02, 2011



Dec 02, 2011


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Key themes discussed at this Summit:

•    Shifting Clouds: How The Cloud Landscape Is Evolving Discovering successful business models for cloud computing
•    Device + Cloud + Software = Your Future…The Business Value of Mobile Cloud Computing.
•    The Enterprise Private Cloud: From Infrastructure to Applications
•    Discover why cloud computing is perfect for SME’s
•    Top cloud computing security risks: analysing the latest trends, business effects. Discover on how to fight them
•    Best practices - Virtualization strategy
•    Infrastructure, Deployment , Integration & Monetizing the Cloud business
•    Learn from the industry leaders and emerging players offering to Cloud and SaaS space
•    Software-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service, Infrastructure-as-a-Service - Present and Future outlook
•    Avoiding potential pitfalls in cloud computing  and to improve your clients relationships
•    Explore innovative strategies for outsourcing
•    Working with limited budget to ensure on time study completion
•    Optimising cloud computing operation effectiveness for successful ROI
•    Tangible benefits & risk of moving to the cloud –security/compliance/data risks
•    Cloud Concerns and the Future Everywhere!

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