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Jul 30, 2014 Author Verification: Take Credit For Your Online Portfolio United States
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Jul 30, 2014



Jul 30, 2014


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Gain understanding on how author verification can lead to more clicks, more subscribers, more comments, and most importantly, more unique visitors.

Isn't it time your blog stands out from the pack? Discover the strategy the top 10% of tech blogs use to increase visibility and traffic to their websites in organic search. With a short lesson and a snippet of code, SEO and social media strategist Doug Antkowiak will show you how his simple process for "authorship verification" to generate more impressions, clicks, and followers to any online article or blog you write.

    Verified Authorship – What Is It?
•    Quick Definition With Screen Caps of Authorship Markup
•    Short History Lesson of Google® Using Academic System to Gain Credibility in Search
Benefits of Authorship
•    Higher Visibility
•    Higher Click Through Rates
•    Builds Trust
Implementing Google® Authorship
•    Multiple Methods of Verifying Authorship on a Blog
•    Starting With Three-Link Method
•    Step 1: All Authors Need a Personal Biography Page That Links to Each Blog Post
•    Step 2: All Blog Posts From That Author Need to Link to the Author's Biography Page
•    Step 3: Link to the Domain of the Blog From the "Contributor to" Section of the Google+® Profile
•    Step 4: After Setting up Links, Place the URL of One of the Verified Blogs Into Google's® Structure Data Testing Tool
•    Other Methods of Verifying Authorship
Using Authorship to Gain Followers
•    Use Google+® to Attract New Followers
•    Use Google® Webmaster Tools to Gain New Analytics on Articles Everywhere!

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