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Jun 27, 2013 Best Practices for Marketing Automation Use and Implementation Washington, United States
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Jun 27, 2013



Jun 27, 2013


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Marketing automation is the process of using technology to respond individually to each prospect in the buying process. It allows you to manage, scale, and measure marketing campaigns at a level that cannot be done manually. Marketing automation allows the ability to understand where a prospect is in the buying process and whether they need to be nurtured or handed off to sales. This live audio conference will provide a series of suggestions and best practices to use with each aspect of the marketing automation process.

5 Reasons to Attend
•    Learn what marketing automation is and how it works for me.
•    Learn about the integral components of marketing automation.
•    Learn about the importance of list hygiene.
•    Learn key steps that need to be conducted before marketing automation should be implemented.
•    Learn recommended and better practices for each step of the process.

    Before You Adopt and Implement
•    Evaluate the Impact for Your Company
o    Review Marketing Automation Solution Capabilities
o    Review Internal Capabilities
o    Create a Path to Implementation
•    Assess How Automation Will Impact Processes and Workflows
o    Get Sales Involved
o    Analyze Your Current Sales Funnel
o    Determine New Workflows and Processes
•    Map Your Lead Flow
o    The Lead Process to the Right Place
•    Clean Your Old List – Hygiene
o    Scrub Old Data and Delete Bad Data
o    Evaluate Remaining Data
    The Marketing Automation Components and Best Practices
•    Lead Generation
o    Inbound and Outbound Marketing
o    Landing Pages and Forms
•    Lead Management
o    Data Collection; Scoring and Routing
•    Automated Programs
o    Entering/Exiting Rules
o    Planning the Steps
•    The Data
o    The Master Database Is There a CRM?
o    Segmentation
o    Behavioral Data; Hygiene
•    Analytics
o    Get More Insights
o    Optimize and Improve
o    When to Report

These Materials are Designed For

This audio conference is designed for marketing directors, managers, account managers, presidents, vice presidents, analysts, consultants, and other marketing professionals. Everywhere!

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